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Dr. (Lt.Col.) Vivek Chopra

Senior Consultant




MBBS, MD (Anaes)

Dr (Lt Col) Vivek Chopra is an Anaesthesiologist of unblemished reputation who is an alumnus of the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College Pune. He has served in the Armed Forces Medical Services for 24 years before joining the corporate healthcare sector. During his service with the Army Medical Corps he has served in military hospitals across the country, as well as in the United Nations Mission in Sudan (2009-10) where he single-handedly managed the anaesthesia services in a Level-II hospital. The doctor had a distinguished service in the Armed Forces, which was recognised in the form of Commendation Certificates citing his meritorious services in India and the United Nations.

In the corporate healthcare sector, Dr Vivek Chopra had been a Consultant in Anaesthesiology at Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre New Delhi for over 6 years. He was the Executive Committee member of the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (Delhi chapter) representing Batra Hospital, and has been actively involved in the academic conferences organised by the ISA Delhi. Dr Vivek Chopra has been involved in the teaching and training of DNB candidates in Anaesthesia, in addition to being a former faculty of West Bengal University of Health Sciences Kolkata. The doctor has undergone training in interventional pain medicine as a Fellow at the Delhi Pain Management Centre New Delhi recognised by the Aesculap Academy of Germany.

  • MBBS - Armed Forces Medical College Pune, University of Poona; 1991
  • MD (Anaes) - Armed Forces Medical College Pune, Pune University; 2001

Dr Vivek Chopra has a vast and varied experience in the field of Anaesthesia and Critical Care both in the Armed Forces as well as in the corporate healthcare sector. He has special interest in-

  • Day care (ambulatory) surgery with emphasis on enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS)
  • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in other elective surgeries
  • Paediatric anaesthesia care
  • Regional pain management techniques for acute and chronic pain syndromes using ultrasound guidance
  • Trauma management
  • Labour analgesia for pain-free delivery
  • Percutaneous tracheostomy for long term airway management
  • Awake Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy assisted tracheal intubation
  • FIPM - Delhi Pain Management Centre New Delhi, and Aesculap Academy: Aug 2013
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