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Dr. Rashmi Mittal





MS Ophthalmology (CMC, Vellore), Fellowship in cornea and anterior segment (LVPEI, Hyderabad)

Dr. Rashmi Mittal is a cornea, cataract, and refractive surgeon in our institute and is trained from L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, and Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA. She did her masters in ophthalmology from Christian Medical College, Vellore, where she was awarded the gold medal and "Best Outgoing Student" prize. She has completed all steps of FICO, UK, and also received her Diplomate in Nation Board (DNB) in ophthalmology. Dr. Rashmi has presented several papers, posters, and videos at various national and international forums. She has several publications to her credit in various international peer-reviewed journals and has a keen interest in research in the field of cornea and ocular surface reconstruction. Her main areas of clinical interest include corneal transplants, infectious keratitis, and keratoconus, in addition to phacoemulsification and LASIK. She is extensively trained in ocular surface reconstruction procedures like amniotic membrane transplantation, surgeries involving the stem cells in the eye (SLET), mucous membrane grafts (MMG), and artificial corneal transplantation (ion (keratoprosthesis) for complex ocular surface diseases such as ocular chemical burns, Steven Johnson syndrome, and ocular surface squamous neoplasia. She aspires to reduce the incidence and morbidity related to corneal blindness and to provide outstanding and affordable care to all patients.
  1. 2016-2017: Consultant, Ophthalmology, Eye-Q superspeciality eye hospital, Gurgaon
  2. 2017-2018: Consultant, Ophthalmology, Ahooja eye and dental institute, Gurgaon
  3. 2019- 2022: Consultant, Ophthalmology, Jamshedpur eye Hospital, Jamshedpur
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