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Dr. Mrinal Sharma

Senior Consultant & Unit Head for Arthroplasty




MBBS,MS(Ortho),DNB (Ortho),Dip SICOT(Belgium) MCh.Ortho

  1. Post –graduation (2004-2007) SMS hospital and medical college, Jaipur. India
  2. Senior Resident Gian Sagar Medical College Banur, Patiala. July 2007-dec 2007
  3. Senior Resident (2007-dec2008) Apollo Hospital , New Delhi
  4. Senior resident(dec2008-june2010) .University college of medical Sciences and GTB Hospital ,New Delhi
  5. Attending Surgeon , consultant grade,(july2010-sept2013) Indraprastha Apollo Hospital ,New Delhi
  6. Consultant Orthopedic surgeon(Sept 2013-till 5 dec 2017).BLK Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi
  7. Sr Consultant & HOD Orthopedics (II) at Asian Institute of medical sciences, Faridabad, Delhi NCR from 6th Dec 2017 till Feb 2022.
  8. Associate Director & HOD Orthopedics till July 11th 2022.
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