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Dr. Mahendra Singh Rajput





MBBS, MD, DM, Fellowship

Dr. Mahendra Singh Rajput is a highly skilled Interventional endoscopist and gastroenterologist. After completing his graduation from Mysore medical college he pursued his post-graduation from Delhi’s renowned college –PGIMER and Dr Ram Manohar Lohia. He joined All India Institute of Medical sciences, New Delhi and completed is DM in Gastroenterology and Human Nutrition. he has undergone rigorous and thorough training under the guidance of esteemed faculty at the country’s premier institute. After completing his super specialization, he completed fellowship in advance gastrointestinal therapeutic endoscopy from AIIMS New Delhi. He has vast experience of performing complicated ERCP and various EUS guided procedures.

He has his special interest in 3rd space endoscopy and have expertise in POEM, ESD procedure. He has especial interest in luminal endoscopy including spiral enteroscopy. He has vast experience in various pancreaticobiliary , luminal GI disease like managmemt of severe acute pancreatitis and its complications , chronic pancreatitis and complication , GI bleeding , Inflammatory bowel disease , GI motility disorder and various GI malignancy. He has done extensive research on celiac disease and malabsorption during his tenure at AIIMS. Dr Mahendra is a astute academician and has trained many residents, and involved in academic activity like journal club , group discussion , debates and seminars and attended multiple national and international conference. He was a core part of various research projects in AIIMS. He is the author of many national, international publications and Chapters in various books.Currently his interest is in advance diagnostic and therapeutic EUS and 3RD space endoscopy.

  • MBBS (Mysore medical college and research Institute)
  • MD, Internal medicine (PGIMER Dr RML hospital New Delhi)
  • DM, Gastroenterology and HNU (AIIMS New Delhi)
  • Fellowship, Advance therapeutic GI endoscopy (AIIMS New Delhi)
Winner of post graduate API Quiz at XXVII Annual conference Delhi chapter 2016
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