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Dr. Anubhav Pandey

Head, Clinical Labs





Specializes in Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Virology &Infectious Diseases NABH assessor, Lead Assessor ISO 9001, Internal Auditor ISO15189
  1. Medical Director, CelluGen Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon (2016-2019)
  2. Assistant Vice-President- Diagno Labs Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon (2013-2016)
  3. Assistant Vice-President, Lab Operations of Cryoviva Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon (2012-2015)
  4. Consultant Microbiologist and In-charge Hospital Infection Control, Metro Hospitals and Heart Institute, Noida (2011- 2012)
  5. Microbiologist, Clinical Reference Laboratory, Super Religare Laboratories (SRL) (2009-2012)
  6. Senior Resident- Department of Microbiology at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi (2006-2009)
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