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Dr. Amit Kumar Agarwal





DM Neurology, PDF Epilepsy, PDCC Epilepsy

Dr Amit Kumar Agarwal is an epilepsy expert in our institute and is trained from Amrita institute of medical sciences, Kochi and Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA. He has done his neurology training from the one of premier institutes of India, AIIMS, New Delhi. He has been involved in treating epilepsy patients, who are not improving on medicines, by providing advanced epilepsy treatment modalities like Epilepsy surgery, Ketogenic diet, Deep Brain Stimulation. His main goal is to make patients seizure and drug free with further research in this field. He believes in giving ethical and compassionate care to all the patients and maintaining the highest standard of care by team work.
  • DM Neurology
  • PDF Epilepsy
  • PDCC Epilepsy
  • Any Neurological disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Ranked 4th in AIIMS DM entrance Dec 2012
  • Recipient of 2019 ILAE Neurobiology Commission Bursary.
Year Position Organization
2016-2018 Associate Consultant Neurology Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
2018-2019 Epilepsy Fellow Amrita Hospital, Kochi
2020-2022 Visiting Consultant, Neurology Meditrina Hospital, Jamshedpur
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