Hospitals and treatment are not contradictory to or incompatible with spirituality.

All those are helpful in maintaining the body, which is an instrument to reach a higher purpose of life. There are both Westerners and Indians who stay at the Ashram. Among them, there are doctors. They want to stay with Amma. And Amma wants to give them an opportunity to engage in selfless service. Their service will benefit the whole world as well as them. If we have love and compassion in our hearts, we will wholeheartedly serve and help those without food, clothing and shelter. Children, real worship of the Lord is the compassion we extend towards the suffering.

Amrita Hospital, Faridabad

Through Amma’s unique vision and wisdom, we open the doors to India’s largest private hospital—an institution that will be an icon for compassionate care combined with affordable, advanced medical services. Spread across 130 acres, it will have 2,600 beds, 81 specialities, 64 fully-networked modular operation theatres, and smart ICUs with 534 critical-care beds that are digitally monitored round-the-clock. The hospital fosters Centres of Excellence, which include radiation oncology, cardiac sciences, neurosciences, gastro-sciences, bone diseases and trauma, transplants, and mother-and-child care. The hospital’s multidisciplinary children’s hospital will be home to maternal and foetal medicine and all paediatric subspecialties. This is a feature that many private hospitals in India lack as they do not see maternal care as financially sustainable.

Advanced technology will support this large spectrum of practice, including state-of-theart fully-automated smart laboratories, the most advanced medical-imaging services in the country, and the latest in cardiac and interventional cath labs for clinical services. The hospital will also run India’s largest facilities for infectious diseases.

“A loving smile, a kind word, a display of genuine concern by medical practitioners will definitely complement the curative power of the medicines.”

- Amma 💕

Amrita Hospital, Kochi

Kochi—a city rich with history and heritage— is home to one of South Asia’s premier quaternary-care super-speciality hospitals. It is here that the then Prime Minister of India, the late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, inaugurated Amrita Hospital on May 17, 1998 in the divine presence of Amma. What started as a 125-bed facility has become a 1,350-bed institution that treats 800,000 outpatients and 50,000 inpatients each year.

The hospital is one of the few multidisciplinary healthcare systems in the country which works on the basis of collaboration and shared information. We bring the best experts and the latest technology together to treat all ailments—ranging from the rarest of medical conditions to the most common disorders. Everything is of equal importance.