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Dr. Veena Shenoy

Clinical Associate Professor

Department: Transfusion Medicine
Qualification: MD (Transfusion Medicine)

About Me

Dr. Veena Shenoy graduated from Medical College, Kottayam and obtained her MD in Transfusion Medicine from Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow. She is also a member of the National Haemovigilance Advisory Committee, National Institute of Biologicals, Noida.

Area of Interest(s)

  • Immunohematology and advanced red cell serology.
  • Apheresis procedures : Plateletapheresis, Stem cell apheresis.
  • Transfusion support to stem cell & organ transplantation recipients.

Publications :

  • Elhence P, Veena S, Sharma RK, Chaudhary RK.Root cause analysis of transfusion error:Identifying causes to implement changes.Transfusion 2010;50,2772-7.
  • Elhence P, Shenoy V, Verma A, Sachan D.Error reporting in tertiary care centre:a patient safety initiative.Clin Chem Lab Med.2012 Nov,50(11):1935-43.
  •  Sachan D, Gupta A, Shenoy V, Elhence P. A near miss hemolytic transfusion reaction and hemolytic disease of new born due to anti c antibodies in a Rh (D)positive mother:Implications for immunohematological management in pregnancy.Asian J Transfus Sci.2012 Jan 6(1):48-9.