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Amrita Hospital, Kochi, observed International Infusion Nurses Day with enthusiasm and dedication. The event was graced by our Infusion Nursing Champions and PICC team members.

The proceedings commenced with Bri. Sai Bala M, Nursing Director, lighting the lamp and invoking the blessings of our beloved Amma. Ms. Ajisha, Continuing Nurse Educator, extended a warm welcome to the gathering. The Nursing Director, in her address, shared a thoughtful message, resonating with the day's theme and inspiring the audience to persevere in their commendable efforts. 

Deputy Nursing Officers, Mrs. Pushpalatha R and Mrs. Sudhadmaja P P, offered felicitations with insightful words. Ms. Radhika, Infusion Nurses Team Co-ordinator, unveiled the theme for Infusion Nurses Day 2024 - "Hope, Healing, Health." The highlight of the occasion was the recognition and awarding of the Best Champion of the Year by the Nursing Director. 

A special mention and congratulations to Seena P Syriac, staff nurse, for being recognized as the Best IV Champion.

Two Infusion Therapy Champions shared their valuable experiences, shedding light on their role in elevating infusion therapy standards and practices within the unit. The program concluded with Ms. Nayana S, PICC Team Member, expressing gratitude through a shower of flowers.

Infusion therapy champions play a crucial role in enhancing and maintaining infusion therapy standards within their designated units, ensuring optimal patient safety during infusion therapies. They actively contribute to the training and facilitation of new nurses in IV cannulation, administration of medication, and handling equipment related to infusion therapy.

The Nurse-Led PICC Team focuses on the insertion and maintenance of PICC lines. Additionally, they provide training to staff nurses on the care and maintenance of PICC lines and also acts as vascular access expert resources, mentors and QI champions.