• Kochi: (0) 484 2852100, 6682100, Faridabad: 0129-2851234

Ms. Sai Bala.M

Nursing Director, AIMS,Kochi

Department: Nursing
Qualification: B.Sc, M.Sc
Email: nd@aims.amrita.edu, amritabala@gmail.com

Key Areas Of Interest
  • Nurturing nursing to retain the human values while encouraging scientific pursuits.
  • Nursing Empowerment through education and capacity building.
  •  Contributing to nursing knowledge through conducting, participating and guiding research.
  • Contributing to health care in developing a culture of quality and safety .
  • Enhancing image of nursing profession through initiating and participating in various collaborative projects and representations in forum of importance.
  • Contributing to work-life balance of nurses by personal involvement, counseling and provide opportunities of creative activities, thus nurturing the nursing force in the country.
  • B.Sc Nursing from Govt. College of Nursing Trivandrum
  • M.Sc in Psychiatric Nursing from Amrita College of Nursin Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham
  • Diploma In hospital Management ,NIHFW, New Delhi
  • Six Sigma- Green belt certification
  • Outpatient department and radiology –
  • Nursing recruitment and welfare activities
  • Financial counseling
  • Material store manager
  • Departmental Manager in Digestive Disease Institute
  • HOD Pharmacy
  • In-service education coordinator, Nursing services
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Nursing Director
Core Activities
  • Nursing recruitment and welfare activities
  • Teaching Nursing assistant, GNM, BSc Nursing, MSc Nursing, and MHA students.
  •  Resource person in CME and CNE programs.
  •  Guided different research projects.
  • Setting Up of Infection Control , Inservice Education and Nursing Quality Divisions Under Nursing
  • Facilitation of ISO, NABH, NAAC Accreditation
  • Setting Up and Facilitating Management of School of Nursing, College of Nursing
  •  Domain Expert for Amrita Hospital Information System and Amrita University Management
    System development and Implementation
  • Developed and Implemented Three month mandatory Induction Training Program for new
Events Participated
    1. Best practices of peripheral vascular access, AIMS, Kochi, 11th April 2003.
    2. Teaching Learning Workshop, Medical Education Department in AIMS, Kochi, December 16-2003
    3.  Best practice leader for peripheral vascular access, Kochi, 2004.
    4.  Prevention of hospital acquired infections in high risk areas-operating room and critical care units, 19th and 20th Aug. 2004.
    5. Foundation course in Palliative Nursing, AIMS, Kochi, March 21 – 23, 2005.
    6. Faculty development and academic excellence, AIMS, Kochi, form 25th to 27th November 2005.
    7.  ACLS ,Program, AIMS, Kochi
    8. HOSMAN, AIMS, Kochi, 2007
    9. Safety and quality in Health care, 18th March, 2007.
    10. Rehabilitative Nursing in Psychiatric Set Up- 23rd Feb 2010, NIMHANS, Bangalore
    11. Current concept and protocols in the management of internal Medicine and emergency medicine on 13th and 14th Aug.2010.
    12. Reviving BFHI Program in Kerala,15th Dec,2010
    13. Workshop on Research Skills in Nursing Faculty,29 Nov 2012,
    14. Workshop on ” Global Health Network and Global Research Nurses Network” 23 Feb 2013
    15. Presentation on Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy, 22 Feb 2018.
    16. Dissemination of ICMR National ethical guidelines , 22 Feb 2018
    17. Reseaerch ethics, good clinical practice and current regulations for clinical trials ,6th Sept 2019
  1. Sensitization of women scientists for societal program – a DST initiative, Dec.7th and 8th 2004 , Kochi
  2. Nursing administration and supervision for effective patient care, TNAI, Feb.2 – 9, 2005.New Delhi
  3.  Management techniques and clinical updates for nursing administrators, from 4th July 2005 to 13th July 2005, Bangalore.
  4. Nursing leaders meet, 28th and 29th October 2007.Bangalore
  5. National workshop on Infection control, antibiotic therapy and hospital epidemiology, Jan 28th and 29th, 2011.
  6. Novus 2012 National conference on Gen X Hospital Management Mantras April 2nd 2012
  7. 3rd National Nursing Leaders Summit, September 2012
  8. 12th annual National Conference of ISPN,25th-27thMarch 2013, Thrissur
  9. North West ISHBT conference,5th October 2013, Ludhiana
  10. 4th National IBD meet, 7th to 9th Feb 2014, Kochi
  11. Enhancing Leadership in Infection Prevention 16th Nov 2014, Chennai
  12. MIT open edX Workshop,7th December 2014, Kochi
  13. AHPI Global Conclave 13th&14th Feb 2016, Mumbai
  14. 2nd National Conference CAHOCON 2016, 19th& 20th March 2016, Bengaluru.
  15. CONCETTO 2016 “ Frugal Innovation in Health care” 20th and 21st May 2016
  1. 4th International Infection control Conference, Hong Kong, China, 27th to 29th Aug.2010.
  2. 1st Asian Perioperative Nursing Conference 2010 and 3rd Asian Perioperative Nursing Leadership
    Forum, 26th to 28th Oct 2010.
  3.  Global IV Leaders Meet, Saint Paul, United States from 17th May to 21st May 2011.
  4. Inter National Conference of Infusion Nurses Society, Louisville in United States from 22nd May to
    26th may 2011.
  5. Global Perioperative Summit in Ireland from 26thto 29thMay 2011.
  6. Indo Sri Lankan Skin and Wound Care Nursing Leader Summit Colombo, Sri Lanka from
    September 22nd to September 25th, 2011
  7. Nypunyam-International Skill Summit,20th -21st Jan 2014
  8.  Enhancing Leadership in Infection Prevention, JCI/ASP Leadership Event 16th November 2014
  9. 5th National Nurses Leadership Summit ,9th to11th October 2014
  10. International Conference on Evidence Informed Practice:An Approach to Health Care Reform 24th and 25th January 2016
  11. International symposium on Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Stewardship ,4th Feb 2017
  12. . AHPI Global Conclave ,11th and 12th Feb 2016
  13.  AHP Global conclave ,10th and 11th Feb 2017
  14.  5th World Congress on Vascular Access (WoCoVA), 20th -22nd June 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark
  15. International conference on Antibiotic stewardship and Infectious diseases,27th and 28th Oct 2018
  16. Amritacon-2019, International Public Health Conference in Collaboration with Harvard Global
    Health Institute on Gender, Public Health and Clinical Care Evidence Informed Practice,
    November 25th and 26th 2019,Kochi
Events Participated as Resource Person
    1. Cleaning and disinfection of G.I endoscopes, 8th July 2001.
    2.  Esophageal manometry,2000
    3. Train the trainers program in critical care nursing,17th to 22nd Feb, 2005
    4.  ACLS and BLS, 2007.
    5.  Teacher training program,2007
    6.  Implementation of Hospital Information System in J.J Hospital,2007
    7.  Management of patient on mechanical ventilator, 30thJanuary 2008.
    8.  Nursing Documentation, 2008.
    9.  Teacher training program, 25th Feb to 3rd March 2008
    10.  Safe I initiative,2008
    11.  Safe injection Practices,2008
    12.  Teacher training program, 7th to 11th April, 2008.
    13.  Management Techniques for Nurse Managers, 25 Feb to 26th March.2009
    14.  Emergency Nursing, 16th to 25 March, 2009.
    15.  Emergency Nursing 26th Feb to 7th March 2009.
    16. Management Techniques for nurse managers, 26th Feb to 7th March 2009.
    17.  Challenges on I.V Practices, July 2009.
    18.  Symposium on assurance of patient safety-Pursuing CR-BSI, Zero tolerance 19th Sept 2010
    19.  State level Vocational Higher secondary Science and Career Expo 6th Jan 2011
    20.  Accreditation –Enhancing Professionalism in Nursing,24th April 2015
    21.  State level workshop on Inter professional Collaboration for Better Care,27th May 2015
    22. Invited member for round table conference HEAL-O-NOMICS- Bringing Health and Economics Together, 18th Feb 2016.
    23. “SWASTHI- RejuvenateYour Mind Body And Soul”, 19th Feb 2016
    24. State level Conference -Patient Safety Assurance Through Nurse Empowerment, 9 July 2016
    25. State level workshop- Safe Transfusion- Saves Lives, 9July 2016
    26. Jyot se Jyot a movement towards safer health care ,12th August 2016
    27. GASTROCON 2017- State level conference – 25th Feb 2017
    28. State level conference on Hospital Infection Control –INFECON 2017 , 26thFeb 2017
    29. State level workshop on “Strengthening Nursing Competencies- Safe Injection Practices”- 14th June 2017
    30. State level conference on Reflections on Innovative Teaching- 26th July 2017.
    31. HIC Awareness Program ,26th Oct 2017,Coimbatore
    32. State level workshop “Bridge to Criticare”25th Nov 2018
    33. State level workshop on training programme on “Management Skills for Nurse Managers” Govt College of Nursing, Ernakulam, Kerala 21st February 2019
    34. Moulding An Ideal Endoscopy Assistant, Society Of Endoscopy Technicians Meet, 16th June 2019,Kochi
    35. Workshop on Management and Leadership Skills for Staff Nurses and Head Nurses ,11th to 16th November 2019, Kochi
    36. Conference on Infection prevention and control practices,10th Jan 2020, Thrissur
    37. Envisioning innovation in Nursing Practice 25th January 2020 Kottayam
      1. 3M Skin and Wound Care ,Nursing Key Opinion Leader Meeting 30th Sept to 3rdOct 2010
      2.  National Conference on Exploring means to Quality Patient care through Integrated Approach Coimbatore 17 March 2012
      3. Infusion Nurses society First National Conference, Bengaluru 13 and 14 April 2012
      4. National Conference on Innovations in Modern Nursing Profession 15th and 16thJune 2012
      5. Fourth National Conference on Emergency and Critical Care PACE 2012, Madurai,Sep 8th2012
      6. Wound Care Nursing Education Program, New Delhi,April 3-7, 2013
      7. Second National Conference Infusion Nurses society, Delhi 20th and 21st September 2013
      8. Fourth National Nursing Leaders Summit ,Udaipur, 24th to 27th October 2013
      9. Infusion Nurses society Third National Conference, Kochi 21st and 22nd November 2014
      10. Stepping Up Program Towards Successful Infection Prevention and Control ,June 6th 2014
      11. Third National Conference of Critical Care Nurses Society 6th and 7th Feb 2015
      12. Healthpulse India 2015, 1st Dec 2015, Gurgaon, New Delhi
      13. Quality Improvement in Pediatric Cardiac Care: A Team Approach, Annual Conference of PCSI, 17th Oct 2015, Hyderabad, India
      14. Nursing session of Annual Conference (Resource person and Scientific Committee member) of PCSI, 18th Oct 2015, Hyderabad
      15. Nursing session of Annual Conference (Resource person and Scientific Committee member) of PCSI, 1and 2nd Oct 2016, Bangalore
      16. Conference on Healthcare Associated Infections and Prevention CHIP 2016-22nd Oct 2016,TVPM
      17. National conference on Recent Innovations in Nursing Care-Our contribution 12th Nov 2016,Kochi
      18. 23rd Annual Conference of Indian Society of Critical care Medicine – Preconference WorkshopNursing Critical Care-1st Feb 2017,Kochi
      19. Operation Theater Nurses Convention,17th and 18thFeb 2017,Vapi,Gujarat
      20. Scientific committee chair and speaker in the National conference of Infusion Nurses society , India 6th National Conference 11th and 12th Aug 2017 ,Mumbai
      21. MACOVA, First Multidisciplinary advanced course on venous acess,19thAug 2017,Delhi
      22. Scientific committee member and speaker in the Nursing Track along with Pediatric cardiac society of India – National Conference,28th and 29th October 2017,Mumbai
      23. CAHO, AHPI, in collaboration with ANEI Master Class Workshop on Nursing Documentation- 6th April 2018, Chennai.
      24. National Nursing Conclave 2018 organised by CCRNF and Govt College of Nursing, 30th April and 1st May 2018,Trivandrum.
      25. National Workshop on Human Resource : The Workplace Management organized by Laxmi Memorial College of Nursing, 6th June 2018, Mangalore.
      26. Scientific Committee member and Resource person for the Nursing Track-19th Annual Conference of PCSI, 6th September 2018,Ahmedabad
      27. 59th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion- Preconference Nursing Symposium, 25th – 28th October 2018, Kochi
      28. National Seminar on Youth Mental Wellbeing,20th Nov 2018,Kochi
      29. EQUIP 2018 track of 59th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Gastroeneterology,29th Nov to 1st Dec 2018, Kochi
      30. 3rd Annual Conference of Robotic Urology forum- RUFCON 2019 Nursing Track
      31. National Conference in Excellence of Nursing, Excelcon -2019 6thMay ,Thiruvananthapuram
      32. National Level Conference- “ Strengthening Healthcare with Contemporary Approaches” HALO 2019, 14th June 2019, Mangalore
      33. 8th National Conference, Infusion Nurses Society, Chennai 13th and 14th September,2019
      34. 20th Annual conference of PCSI-Nursing Track, resource person and moderator, Sri Sathya SaiSanjeevani Hospital Centre for Child Health Care,, 7th and 8th October 2019 Raipur, Chhattisgarh
      35. Sankalp – 2019, National Leadership Summit, 9th November 2019, Goa
      36. U’s The nurse Talk Show – Time Management ,10th July 2020
      37. World Heart Day celebration by SOCN, 29th September 2020 (Webminar)
      38. U’s The nurse Talk Show –Spiritual empowerment-Change comes from within -13th Nov 2020
      39. National Webminar : Antimicrobial Resistance A growing concern 18th Nov 2020
      40. Mental Health In Covid Times organized by Ayudh India
  1. Indo Sri Lankan Skin and Wound Care Nursing Leader SummitColombo, Sri Lanka from September 22nd to September 25th, 2011
  2. Strengthening of Health Care Delivery and Improving Health Outcomes in India, Bengaluru 7th and 8th December 2012
  3. Scientific Committee member and Resource person for 5th Asia Pacific Pediatric Cardiac Society Meeting, Nursing track , New Delhi 6th to 9th March 2014
  4. Panelist- Nursing master class 6th International Patient Safety congress-21st October 2016, Chennai
  5. 2nd international and 4th National conference Critical Care Nurses Society :Criticare Nursing 2017,28th and 29th Jan 2017, Mumbai
  6. Association for Vascular Access, Annual scientific meeting September 2017,Phoenix USA
  7. 7th International Patient Safety Congress,1st Dec 2017 Mumbai
  8. International Conference on Obesity-A multifaceted approach 2nd Dec 2017 Kochi
  9.  Solace- International Nursing Conference on Oncology- 19th and 20th January 2018, Kottayam
  10.  4th International Conference of CAHO- 7th and 8th April 2018, Chennai
  11. 4th Asia MACOVA (Multidisciplinary Advanced Course On Venous Access), 1st-2nd September 2018, New Delhi.
  12. Amrita International Public Health Conference 2018- 2nd-3rd November 2018, Kochi
  13. OET Healthcare Communication Summit (South Asia) -30th November 2018,Kochi
  14. 14th International Meeting of PCICS 2018 –13th to 16th December 2018,Miami Florida
  15. MEDINSPIRE- Nursing Track -14th
    -16th February 2019,Mumbai
  16.  Amrita International Public Health Conference -25th&26th November 2019,Kochi
  17.  Journey to futuristic Nursing: opportunities and challenges- 30th April 2021,Chennai (webminar)
Event Organized

  • Workshop for GI Nurses and Associates, March, 2000.
  • GI Endoscopic Procedures-Care of Patient and Equipment 20th Jan 2001.
  • Recent Advances in Medical Management for the Elderly, 10th and 11th Feb, 2001.
  • Critical Care Nursing Update-Basic Concepts and Skills, 8th May 2004. (Teleconference).
  • Indo –Australian Critical Care nursing Conference, Nov 15th and 16th 2006
  • TNAI State continuing education program “Self Improvement” on 26th and 27th of April 2006
  • “Train the Trainers in Critical Care Nursing” from 20th to 22nd of April 2006
  • First National Conference of Infusion Nurses Society of India, April 13 14,2012,Bengaluru
  • Facilitated formation of Infection Control Nurses Club, Kochi Chapter 10th November 2012
  • BLS for Student Police Cadets, 28th August 2013
  • Life skills for School Children, Sept 2013
  • Understanding Learning Disabilities for school teachers, Sept 2013
  • Second National Conference INS India September 20 & 21 2013, New Delhi
  • Stepping Up Program Towards Successful Infection Prevention and Control June 6th 2014
  • Third National Conference INS India ,21st and 22nd November 2014, Kochi
  • NIRMAN- Building the Future, 3rd& 4th July 2015, Kochi
  • Fourth National Conference INS India 30th and 31st October 2015, Kolkata
  • Fifth National Conference Infusion Nurses society, Hyderabad 2nd and 3rd September 2016
  • INS India- Kerala Central Zone Chapter Launch, 22nd Jan 2016, Kochi.
  • Udhyan – IV Nurse Leaders Summit ,7th May 2016,Kochi
  • International Seminar on Nursing Leadership ,8th September 2016
  • SAMYOG- National Consensus Forum for Prevention and Management of Acute and Chronic Wounds Dec 10th and 11th 2016
  • Nursing Track- Systems Oncology 2017 , 12th March 2017
  • Organizing committee Member ,3rdInternational conference of CAHO,14th and15th April 2017
  • Visicon, Nursing Track in association with National conference of Vascular Society of India 2017
  • SAHAJA- Donor recipient meet, May 3rd 2018
  • International Conference on “Perioperative Management of Congenital Heart Disease”and Pre Conference Workshop ,AIMS, Kochi 7th to 9thjune 2019
  • 53rd Annual conference of Urology society of India -USICON 2020 Nursing Track

  1. Implementation of Nursing Assistant course- JSS Idukki Unit- 2004
  2. Dr P K Jain(Founder President: Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine) on developing Critical Care Nursing-2005-2009
  3.  Assisted in HIS implementation in J J Hospital Mumbai- 2008
  4.  Safe I initiative development of guidelines related to IV cannulations
  5.  Children’s Heart Link- For various projects in Pediatric Cardiology.
  6. BLS training for student police cadets- 28th Aug 2013
  7. Jnanyagnam- Knowledge sharing program , organized 60 workshops on different topics -2013
  8. Life skills training for high school students and teacher’s role in personality development of children for school teachers – 7th Sept 2013
  9.  Peripheral IV Cannulation Online Certification Programme Content Development with INS and Ammachi Labs ,2014
  10. Amrita Vidyalayam- various educational and counseling programs.
  11. Workshop for preparations CSSD Technician course syllabus validation with CAHO and 3M 20th Aug 2016 Bangalore
  12.  CSSD Technician Curriculum Validation with HSDC,CAHO, 2016-2017
  13.  Workshop on Preparation of Academic Course Material for first year students for Kerala University of Health Sciences,21st and22nd Aug 2017
  14.  Workshop syllabus preparation of CPHIC program with CAHO 24th Sep 2017
  15.  Curriculum Development For Oncology Certification Programme with Roche Pharma 2019
  16. Curriculum Review – GDA Basic and Advanced, Home Health Aid with HSDC ,May 28th 2019
  1. Carol Ann Oricco, RN Massachusetts Hospital- GI Endoscopy Unit 2000-2001
  2. Jeanne Pfeiffer (APIC past president), Barbara Bohr APIC ICN Minnesota Children’s Hospital – Infection control program in hospital 2003-2006
  3. Along with SandyStavenski through CHL- USA, implemented – PEDI (Parent education / Discharge Instruction) and research study in pediatric cardiac surgery units 2012 till date
  4. Urmila Griffith Diabetes Nurses educator, NHS UK – Diabetes Management ,SBAR and reflective practices
  5.  Illorin University, Nigeria – strengthening skills of Nigerian nurse managers and senior nurses 2009 – 2012
  6. Children’s Heart Link- For various projects in Pediatric Cardiology2010 till date
  7. Lee Ching Medical college community nursing and school health programs 2015-2018
  8. Nurse residency program in pediatric cardiology in association with Children’s Heart Link 2018
Courses Initiated

  • GI Endoscopy technician Certification Programme 2000
  • Module for training Patient Movement Service in the hospital
  • IV Cannulation Certification program for staff nurses
  • Phlebotomy Certification Program
  • Hospital Health Worker Certification Programme 2003-2012
  • Specialty Certification Programme In Nursing (Cardiovascular, Critical Care, Neonatal Nursing) 2006-2007
  • Infection Control Certification Programme for Nurses 2011 till Date
  • Three month Residency Programme For Nurses(Emergency, Dialysis, Paediatric cardiology) 2012
  • PICC Line Certification Programme For Nurses 2019
  • Wound Care Certification Programme For Nurses 2019

Special Initiatives

  • Initiated Expanded Roles in nursing- Ostomy Nurse, Infection Control Nurse, Nurse Educator,Palliative Care Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse led PICC Team, Hemophilia Nurse etc.
  • Developed focus teams for improving clinical practice- IV Champions, Training Champions,SIIMT, DM Champions,BFI Champions and ICLNs
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives- Infusion practices, Skin Integrity and Issue management, End User Evaluation System, Digitalizing nursing activities.
  • SWASTHI - Initiative focused towards health and wellbeing activities within amrita institutions and outside.
  • JNANAMRITAM project, one of its kind series of CNE for nurses by nurses with KNC credit hours
  • UDBHODHINI mass awareness campaign for education of entire nursing services within short period of time.
  • AATHMAANUBANDHINI - enhancing parent child bonding through various activities by empowered nurses.
  • SAAVISHKAARA - to provide platforms to enrich the artistic talents as a simple step towards imbibing those same principles to develop the loosing art of nursing.
  • SWATMADARSHANAM – Project aimed at self awareness and self improvement and self care to improve self esteem and thus compassionate care.

Papers Presented - Primary And Co-Authored
Oral Presentation
  1. SaiBala.M, Sowmya M N , JidhunP , SreejaMohan : The Impact of Nurse Turnover on Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators In Pediatric Surgical Intensive Care Unit; Oral presentation, Annual
    conference Pediatric Cardiac Society , Hyderabad India 2015
  2. Akhilesh Raj T N, SaiBala. M :Infusion standards and patient safety : a decade of learning experience; Infusion Nurses Society 5th National conference, Hyderabad (2nd prize) 2nd and 3rd Sep 2016
  3.  Ms. KanakammaSasi, Ms. SaiBala. M, Nurse led PICC line team – A QI Initiative Infusion Nurses Society 5th National conference, Hyderabad 2nd and 3rdsep 2016
  4.  MsJeenu K M, MsSaiBala M : Continuity of Care; A Nursing Quality Indicator among Pediatric CVTS
    ICU at AIMS, Kochi: PCSI National conference 1st October 2016 Bangalore(2nd Prize)
  5. MsLakshmipriya Ravi, MsSaiBala.M: Effectiveness of IV Cannulation Training with Simulation and Its Impact,6th International Patient Safety Congress,21st October 2016(2nd runner up)
  6. MsAnju P Thampi, MsSaiBala. M, High risk identification and care giver education – a strategy to prevent pressure ulcer,6th International Patient Safety Congress,21st October 2016
  7. Ms. Radhika Mohandas, Ms. Sowmya M N, , Ms. SaiBala.M: Impact of IV team in our organization. 1st
    prize, INS India 6th National Conference 11th and 12th Aug 2017.
  8.  Ms. Sowmya M N, Ms.Radhika Mohandas, MsJeenu K M, Mr Akhilesh Raj T N, MsAnisree C P, Ms SaiBala M: Impact of RN Turnover on Incidence of Peripheral IV Complications among patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital, 1st prize, INS India 6th National Conference 11th and 12th Aug 2017.
  9.  Mr. Vaisakh G, Ms. Shinu S J, Ms. SaiBala M, Dr, HariSankar, Dr. Pragnatha K: Modified paediatric early warning sign (PEWS) scoring system for early identification of clinical deterioration. 2nd prize, PCSI, 28th and 29th October 2017.Mumbai
  10. Ms. Sowmya M N, Ms. Radhika Mohandas, Ms Sai Bala.M: It is 96 hours!!! Do I remove the peripheral Intra Venous Catheter (PIVC)??? .2nd Prize at 14th International Nurses Conference held at SRMC 10th and 11th January 2018, Chennai.
  11.  Ms. Divya I, MsSaiBala M: Hypoglycemia: Simple to manage but important to look for. One of best 5 at 14th International Nurses Conference held at SRMC 10th and 11th January 2018, Chennai.
  12. Mr. Jidhun P, Ms. Sowmya M N, MsKavitha S Nair, Ms. SaiBala M: Think and Plan before Handoff, 1st Prize, CAHOCON 2018, 7th and 8th April 2018. Chennai
  13. Ms. Divya L D, Ms. Divya E N, Ms. Sai Bala M: Patient feedback as a driving force for improvement, INS- India, 7th National Conference, 12th and 13th October 2018, Bengaluru
  14. Mr. Vinod Babu S, Mr. Biju P, Ms. Radhika Mohandas, Ms. Sai Bala M: Is immediate oedema after PICC insertion, a preventable complication? 3rd Prize, INS- India, 7th National Conference, 12th and 13th October 2018, Bengaluru
  15. Mr. Akhilesh Raj T N, Ms. Mary Patricia, Mr. Gokul mohanan, Ms. Sowmya M N, Ms Sai Bala M:Contrast related extravasations; A preventable, lethal complication, 3rd Prize, INS- India, 7th National Conference, 12th and 13th October 2018, Bengaluru
  16. Mr. Visakh V, Ms. Sowmya M N, Ms. Sai Bala M: Evolution of End-User Product Evaluation Process, 1st Prize, INS- India, 7th National Conference, 12th and 13th October 2018, Bengaluru
  17. Ms.Kavitha S Nair, Ms. Sowmya M N, Ms. Sai Bala M, Dr. Neeraj Sidharthan: Impact Of Pre Apheresis Multidisciplinary Team Meeting,1st prize International conference on Is our Nursing Practice Evidence Based? A Review of Essential Skills in Healthcare & Nursing 23rd -24th Nov 2018, Belgavi
  18. Mr Vinod Babu S ,Mr.Biju P , Ms. Radhika M, Ms. Sai Bala M: Impact Of Nurse Education On Picc
    Line Occlusion , International conference on Is our Nursing Practice Evidence Based? A Review of
    Essential Skills in Healthcare & Nursing 23rd -24th Nov 2018, Belgavi
  19. Mr. JidhunP,Ms.Bindhiya B Nair, Ms. Sowmya M N,Ms.Sai Bala M : Grand Rounds As A Tool For
    Quality Improvement, 1st PrizeCAHOCON13th and 14th April 2019,Mumbai
  20.  MsJeenu K M, Ms.Bindhiya B Nair, Ms. Sowmya M N Ms Sai Bala M:Surprise Nursing Audits on RN’s Medication Documentation Behaviour,1st and 2nd February 2019 Delhi
  21. Ms.Radhika Mohandas, Ms. Sowmya M N,Ms.Sai Bala M : 2
    nd prize Does Surprise Audit Surprise You,6th May 2019,Thiruvananthapuram
Poster Presentation
    1. MsSaiBala.M : Sharing best practices -Improving peripheral IV line care – IV Global Leadership Summit  St.Paul MN,USA 2011
    2.  MsSaiBala.M, MsArya Krishna , MsVijaya Lakshmi : Impact Of Nurse Education Program On Incident Reporting of Phlebitis -An Indian Experience: Poster presentation, 38th Annual Congress of Infusion Nurses Society ,US ,Louisville, Kentucky 2011
    3. MsSaiBala.M , MsErica Susan Mathew, MsMeenu : CNE on Peripheral IV cannulation – necessity, mandate or unavoidable?: Poster presentation, 2nd Annual Conference infusion Nurses Society , New Delhi India 2013
    4. MsSaiBala.M (MSN), MsLakshmi Priya Ravi N (MSN), MsSreeja Mohan (RN) :Best Practices in Peripheral IV Cannulation : Challenges and Impact : Poster presentation, Annual Conference Pediatric Cardiac Society , Hyderabad India 2015
    5. Mr. Akhilesh Raj T N, MrVaisakh G, Ms. Radhika Mohandas, MsJeenu K M, Ms. Sowmya M N, Ms
      SaiBala M:Study to explore the relationship between RN Turnover and Incidence of Patient Fall: CAHOCON 2017, 14th and 15th April 2017, New Delhi.
    6. Ms. Kavitha S Nair, Ms. Sowmya M N, Ms. Sai Bala M, Dr Neeraj Sidharthan: CLABSI step down strategy: A Multidisciplinary Collaborative Quality Improvement Project using PDSA cycle.
    7. Mr. Visakh V, Ms.Radhika Mohandas, Ms, Jeenu K M, Mr Akhilesh Raj T N, Ms Sowmya M N, Ms Sai Bala M. Pediatric Infiltration: A March to Best Outcome through Best Practices. 2nd prize at 6th
      National Conference of Infusion Nurses Society- India 11th and 12th Aug 2017 Mumbai
    8. Ms. Sowmya M N, Ms. SaiBala M, Mr. SenthilvelVasudevan:Effectiveness of Electronic Medication
      Administration Record (eMAR) in reducing selected types of medication errors among Pediatric patient care units in a tertiary care hospital in Kochi, Kerala. 2nd Annual Patient Safety Conference, 2nd Prize, 22nd and 23rd September 2017, New Delhi
    9. Mr. Ratheesh V N, Mr.Akhilesh Raj T N, Ms. SaiBala M, Hospital Acquired Skin Injury (HASI): Identification, Categorization and Reporting A Nurse Led QI Improvement Program, 2nd Annual
      Patient Safety Conference, 2nd Prize, 22nd and 23rd September 2017, New Delhi
    10. Mr. Jidhun P, Ms.Kavitha K C,Ms. Sowmya M N, Sai Bala.M,Safety Skills Fair for Nurses – Roadmapfor Changing Safety Culture, 7th International Patient Safety Conference Dec 1st and 2nd 2017,Mumbai
    11. Ms. Sai Bala M, Nurse-led PICC team: Outcomes and lessons learned in the journey of establishing a centre of excellence, 5th World Congress on Vascular Access (WoCoVA) 20th-22nd June 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    12. Mr.Akhilesh Raj T N,Ms. Sowmya M N, Ms. SaiBala M: Is Mass Training Campaign An Implementable Effective Strategy,1st and 2nd February 2019, Delhi
    13. Ms. Sreelakshmi. S, Mr. Ratheesh V N, Ms. Nija. K. P, Ms.Jeenu.K.M,. Sowmya M N, Ms. Sai Bala M: Identification And Timely Management of Incontinence Associated Dermatitis- A Need of the Hour,13th,14th April 2019, Mumbai
Projects Guided
  • Evaluation of existing nursing sensitive quality indicators in AIMS
  •  Study of effectiveness of the staff development programs for nursing staff in AIMS.
  • Effectiveness of a standardized training program on knowledge and practices of nurses regarding
    infection control.
  • Protocol development for prevention of needle sticks injury and blood and body fluid exposure.
  • Analysis of incident report format of nursing sensitive quality indicators in AIMS.
  • Training need assessment of staff nurses and nursing assistants in ICU and Wards of AIMS.
  •  Workload assessment of nurses in selected intensive care units using TISS 28 scoring system.
  •  Workload assessment of registered nurses of a selective ward using standardized scoring system.
  •  Study on incidents of thrombophlebitis and contributing factors in AIMS.
  • Effectiveness of newly formed 5 level triaging system in categorizing patients in the emergency department of AIMS
  • Comparison of standard Vs existing practices related to time duration of blood and blood transfusions.
  • Assessment of job satisfaction among staff nurses in a tertiary level hospital in Kerala.
  • Assessment of prophylactic antibiotic administration in surgical patients in AIMS.
  • A study to assess the skin integrity issues other than bed sore and its reporting in AIMS.
  • A Study to assess the knowledge level about defibrillation and cardioversion among registered nurses of AIMS.
  • A study to assess knowledge and practice on incident reporting among registered nurses in AIMS.
  • Assessment of knowledge about the chemotherapeutic drug administration among registered nurses in AIMS.
  • Clinical Pharmacist’s intervention in improving the administration of antibiotic infusion in in-patients by nurses
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Professional Organisation - Activities
  • Trained Nurses Association of India.
  • TNAI -Zonal ProgramChairperson,Central Zone , Kerala State Branch 2002-2007
  • Infusion nurses society US
  •  Infusion Nurses Society – India- Member of Governing Council and education chair
  • Education Committee Chairperson for 2010- 2016,Infusion Nurses Society India
  • Indian Society of Psychiatric Nurses Association from 2012
  • Associate Member, CAHO, India and Regional Co-Coordinator-South Zone 2016
  • Critical Care Nurses Society ,India
  • Association of Nurse Executives of India- Founding and Executive member
  • Association for Vascular Access, US from 2017
  • Society of Cardiac Nurses -Kerala State Executive 2020
Achievements Summary
  • Represented India 4th International Infection Control conference, Hong Kong2010
  • Represented India in the First Asian Peri operative Nurses Association (ASIORNA) Conference: ‘Collaboration of all Perioperative Nurses’ – Malaysia 2010
  • The first person from India to receive the Scholarship to attend 38th Annual Convention of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), Louisville, KY 2011
  • First Indian scientific paper to win the most valuable Paper in the International category 38th Annual Convention of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS), Louisville, KY 2011
  • Represented India in 4th Annual I.V. Global Leadership Summit in Saint Paul, Minnesota 2011
  • Only Indian representative in 2nd Annual Global Summit on Perioperative Nursing, Dublin 2011
  • Founder member, General Council Member and Educational committee Chairman – Infusion Nurses Society, India 2010 onwards
  • International Collaborative Research with Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital , part of Stanford University 2012
  • Scientific Committee Member for Nursing track in the 5th Congress of Asia Pacific Pediatric Cardiology 2013
  • Core team in formulating Infusion Nursing Standards of practice the first Nursing standards ever in India 2014
  • Ethical Committee member in Kerala University of Health and Allied Sciences 2014
  • Organizer & Contributor of NIRMAN – Building the future, National Working group on Nursing Quality Indicators for Pediatric Cardiac Nursing Care held at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences,Kochi 2015
  • Scientific Committee Member in Nursing track Annual Conference of Pediatric Cardiac Society of India 2015 onwards
  • Organizer & Contributor of SAMYOG – National Consensus Working group on Guidelines on Prevention and Management of Hospital Acquired Skin Injuries in collaboration with 3M 2016
  • Contributor to the CSSD technician training course curriculum development with CAHO and 3M
  • Contributor to the curriculum and content CPHIC program for CAHO
  • One of the two Indian Speakers in Annual Conference of Association for Vascular Access held in Phoenix , US 2017
  • Represented India in the PCICS International Meet in Miami , US 2018
  • Honoured for contribution to training and mentoring Endoscopy Technicians by Society of Endoscopy Technicians 2019
  • Regional Winner, 3M National Nursing Quiz Championship 2020