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Dr. Vijayakumar D K

Clinical Professor and Head

Department: Surgical Oncology, Breast Diseases Division
Qualification: MS (Gen Surgery), MCh (Surgical Oncology)
Email: dkvijaykumar@aims.amrita.edu

About Me

Dr. D. K. Vijaykumar brings his skills and leadership toour Gynecological Oncology Department.
Dr. Vijaykumar did his basic medical training in the B.J. Medical College Pune. He did his MS (Gen Surgery) from the KEM Hospital Pune, under the guidance of famous oncologist, Dr. M. J. Mehta. It is to his credit that he stood first in the university for his final MS examinations. He later went on to work in Gynecologic Oncology at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology under Dr. Elizabeth Vallikad. Moved to RCC Trivandrum in 1991 and worked there for 2 years before going on to do further studies and training in surgical oncology at the prestigious Cancer Institute Adyar, Chennai. After his M.Ch Surgical Oncology, he has worked for about 6 years in Kasturba Medical College Manipal and later as a consultant oncosurgeon at Apollo Hospital Vijayawada. He moved to Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in 2003 to start the division of surgical oncology and later decided to concentrate his efforts on developing the breast and gynaecologic oncology services. The breast and gynaecologic oncology services at Amrita are now fully developed and capable of dealing with complex breast and gynaecologic cancers.
Dr. Vijaykumar has introduced the sentinel node program in breast cancer and also in some of the gynecologic cancers. He offers breast conservation surgeries and breast reconstruction wherever indicated. There is a good co-ordination of services with the medical and radiation oncology through the various tumor boards.
Dr. Vijaykumar is involved in training young surgeons and gynaecologists in the field of breast and gynaecologic oncology. He conducts a fellowship programme in gynaecologic oncology for those interested in a career in gynaecologic oncology.
Dr. Vijaykumar is actively involved in research and has over 30 publications to his credit.
Area of Interest (s) :Breast and Gynaecologic Cancers.


  • Examiner for MCh Surgical Oncology at the Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai.
  • DNB Appraiser for Surgical Oncology, RCC Trivandrum.
  • External subject expert for selection of candidates for MCh Surgical Oncology and for interview for promotion of faculty in surgical oncology at RCC Trivandrum.
  • Reviewer for Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology, European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology.
  • Editorial Board Member of "Research & Reviews: Journal of Oncology and Hematology."
  • Executive committee member of AOGIN India.
  • Life member in ISO, IACR, AOGIN India, AGOICON.


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