Dr. Fessy Louis T

Clinical Associate Professor

Department: Amrita Fertility Centre

About Me

Dr. Rajesh Thachathodiyl completed his MBBS and MD (General Medicine) from S.C.B. Medical College Cuttack, Orissa. After specializing in Cardiology from K.M.C. Manipal in 1998, he joined Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) as faculty in the same year.

Dr. Rajesh has fifteen years of experience in Interventional Cardiology. He has accumulated a wealth of experience and is adept in rotablations, CTO recanalisation, left main interventions, saphenous vein graft interventions, carotid artery interventions, endovascular stent grafts and other peripheral interventions. He has championed the cause of Radial Access Interventions in Amrita and is recognised nationally and internationally in this niche area. Apart from hosting the first ‘AMRITA TRANSRADIAL SUMMIT’ in Amrita Hospital, Kochi in the year 2008 where Dr. Shigero Saito was the International Faculty, Dr. Rajesh is a regular faculty at the ‘Kamakura Live’ Summit in Japan and the CTO summit in Kobe, Japan. He has also received critical acclaim in the field of ‘Chronic Total Occlusion’ and was the national faculty in the INDO – JAPANESE, CTO summit in Mumbai in the year 2013. He has trained a number of young budding cardiologists in radial access complex coronary interventions. Since 2005, Dr. Rajesh has been spearheading the Cardiac CT programme and the Cardiac MRI programme since 2007.

To optimize his PTCA outcomes, Dr. Rajesh regularly uses IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound), OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve). To add to his repertoire, Dr. Rajesh is also well experienced in permanent pacemaker implantations, automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator (AICD implantation) and cardiac resynchronisation therapy.

Dr. Rajesh is an avid teacher, has been a DNB examiner in cardiology, and has published papers in journals and authored chapters in a few books. He has undergone interventional training with Dr. Alain Cribbier in Rouen, France; Dr. Jean Fajadet in Toulouse, France; CRT training in Dusseldorf and Milan, Italy; OCT training in Hongkong and renal denervation training in Frankfurt, Germany. Dr. Rajesh is an astute clinican, empathizes with his patients considerably and looks after them well.

Area of Interest (s): Radial Access Complex Coronary Interventions, Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI

Previous Experience:

Consultant, AMMA IVF & Fertility Centre, Cochin

Consultant and DNB Teacher, Lourdes Hospital, Cochin

IVF Coordinator, Laparoscopic Surgeon, CIMAR (Centre for Infertility Management And Assisted Reproduction) Edappal & Cochin 2002 – 2015

DNB Teacher, Edappal Hospitals in OBG (2002 – 2015)

Senior Lecturer, Govt. Medical College, Thrissur 2001 -2002 (1year and 7 months)

Junior Gynaecologist, Jubilee Mission Hospital, Thrissur 2000 (7 months)

DNB – National Board PG Teaching in Obstetrics & Gynecology 2002 onwards

FOGSI recognized Advanced Infertility trainer 2004 onwards

FOGSI Infertility Training Centers Accreditation Officer

DNB Appraiser in OBG

ISAR (Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction) – Infertility Accreditation Officer

Professional Affiliations:

FOGSI All India Chairperson International Academic Exchange committee 2013 -2016

Executive Committee Member SAFOG (South Asian Federation of O & G)

Secretary General All Kerala Federation of Obstetrics & Gynecology KFOG 2012 onwards

Secretary Kerala Chapter of ISAR (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction) 2013 onwards

Editorial board member SAFOG (South Asian Federation of O & G) Journal and AOGD (Association of O & G Delhi) journal

FOGSI : Quiz Committee Member

FOGSI : Infertility Committee Member

FOGSI : Endometriosis Committee Member

FOGSI : Member of COGS (Cochin Obstetrics & Gynecology Society)

  • Executive Committee Member COGS
  • Executive Committee Member TOGS 2005 -2007
  • Editor TOGS Scientific Bulletin 2007

Editor FOGSI FOCUS on Fibroid 2016


KFOG : Editor KFOG Journal & Website 2009 -2011

IAGE : Indian Association of Gynecological Endoscopy – Life Member

ISAR : Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction – Life Member

ESHRE : European Society for Human Reproduction & Embryology – Member

AAGL : American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists – Member

IMA : Indian Medical Association – Life Member

Joint Organising Secretary 49th AICOG (All India) KOCHI 2006

Joint Organising Secretary 24th AKCOG (All Kerala) Thrissur 2002

Organising Secretary ISAR ( All India) Kochi 2010

Joint Organising Secretary South Zone Yuva FOGSI conference 2010

Scientific Committee Member 39th AKCOG, Kochi 2016

Organising Committee Member 22nd IFFS World Congress 2016, ( International Federation Of Fertility Societies), New Delhi

Organising Secretary National YUVA ISAR Kochi, 2016


FOGSI All India Corion Award 2010

FOGSI South Zone Kamini Rao Orator, 2009

FOGSI Imaging Science Award 2010

Kumudh Tamaskar Research Prize in Infertility 2013

Dr. Pravin Mehta Fellowship in Endoscopy 2010

Dr. Silu Rudra Prize in Endoscopy in 2009

Best Paper Gynaendocon 2000 at Perintalmanna

Best Paper 2nd – 23rd All Kerala conference of O&G Thiruvanathapuram 2001

FOGSI Infertility Committee Appreciation award for training in Infertility 2017


A Chapter on Verees Needle Injuries in Textbook on complications in Gynecological Surgery by Shobhana M – Jaypee Publication

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Prevention Of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome in TOGS (Thrissur Obstetrics & Gynaecology Bulletin Volume 1, No:4 June 2005)

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Chapter on Role of IUI in unexplained infertility in textbook INTRA UTERINE INSEMINATION – An Update edited by Dr. B. N. Chakravarty & Dr. Gita Ganguly Mukherjee 2012 – A Jaypee Publication

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Chapter on Male Infertility in Obstetrics & Gynecology Reproductive Endocrinology 20-20 series for Post Graduates by Dr Aswath Kumar and Nilesh Balkawade 2014 – Paras Publications

Chapter on Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome and sub editor in FOGSI FOCUS on Ovulation Induction & IUI by Dr Roza Olyai 2014 – A FOGSI Publication

Article on Endometriosis and Infertility in Endometriosis Express, FOGSI bulletin of Endometriosis committee

A chapter on Progesterone supplementation during IVF cycles in FOGSI FOCUS on Progesterone, the feel good hormone edited by Dr Aswath Kumar 2014 – A FOGSI Publication

Article on How to approach your Fertility Problems in KFOG journal, vol 9 No 1 Feb 2015

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Article on Tips & Tricks Of Successful Oocyte Retrieval in ISAR journal , Vol 1, No :2 September 2015

Chapter on ” Protocols for Gonadotropin use ” in textbook Principles and practice of controlled ovarian stimulation in ART by Dr.Surveen Ghumman 2015 – A Springer Publication

Chapter on Recent Advances in Pelvic Floor Anatomy in AICOG Obstertics and Gynecology update 2016 edited by Jaideep Malhotra & Prakash Trivedi – A Jaypee Publication

Editor – A book on Fibroid Newer Aspects and Current Understanding – A FOGSI Publication 2016

Chapter on Adenomyosis in Text book on Endometriosis confusion to consensus by Dr Poonam Goyal and Dr Bhavana Mittal 2017

Chapter on Converting IUI to IVF in Current Concepts in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility by Dr Atul Munshiand Dr Nagori C. B, a FOGSI publication 2017.

Chapter on Epidemiology of PCOS, FOGSI FOCUS on PCOS current and emerging trends 2017 edited by Dr Bharati Dohorepatil, Dr Garima

Speaker/Faculty (Abroad):

Ovarian Wedge Resection in Resistant PCOS – revisited in the laparoscopic era (World conference of O & G – FIGO – Kulalumpur November 2006)

Co chairing Free paper session on Laparoscopy (FIGO – World Conference of O & G _ Kulalumpur November 2006)

Laparoscopic OWR in infertile patient with resistant PCO (ISGE –World Congress Of Gynaecologic Endoscopy , Bari, Italy ,June 2008)

Presenter of Poster in ASRM 2009 in Atlanta, U.S.A October 17 -21

Faculty IFFS 20th world congress , Munich,Germany September 12th -16th, 2010 Presented Paper on Vitrification

Faculty 1st RICC Womens Health Forum , Suzhou China March, 2012 Presented on OHSS prevention in IVF current perspective

Presented paper on EFI the new validated Endometriosis staging system for predicting fertility outcome in 4th congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on reproduction (ASPIRE) at Osaka International convention center, Osaka, Japan – 1st Sept. 2012

Invited Faculty in FIGO-SAFOG-SLCOG International conference in Colombo, Srilanka 2014 and gave lecture on Role of Hysteroscopy in Infertility .

Chaired Japanese Society of Obstetrics & Gynaecology Symposium at BMICH Colombo 2014

Faculty in 10th biennial SAFOG (South Asian Federation Of OBG) conference at Kathmandu, Nepal and gave talk on Infertility and conducted panel on Laparoscopy in adnexal masses April 2015.

Invited Faculty in 24th AOCOG conference of AOFOG (Asian Federation of OBG) Kuching, Malaysia and gave talk on Oral Ovulation agents and How to avoid Hysteroscopic complications June 2015.



Co-ordinator- Infertility Workshop, Yuva Fogsi South zone ,November 2008

Invited Faculty in Workshop on Practical Pointers and controversies in Infertility Management and IUI , 52nd AICOG ,Jaipur January 2009

Operative Faculty in the Endoscopy workshop during Yuva FOGSI south zone conference at Madurai Medical college

Operative Faculty in 3rd International Live workshop on Advanced Endoscopy in Kochi, Kerala ,November 2009

Faculty in Workshop “Controversies in Infertility” in National ISAR 2010, Kochi

Co-ordinator & Faculty of Infertility Workshop in All Kerala Conference of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Thrissur 2010

Operating Faculty in Live Workshop at AIIMS, New Delhi during National IAGE conference July 9th 2010

Faculty in Infertility Workshop Yuva Fogsi, Kochi , September 2010

Faculty in Infertility workshop in AICOG 2011 at Hyderabad on 5th January

Workshop faculty in Infertility during Dakshin 2011 at Kanyakumari on 5th August

Operating Faculty in 4th International Live workshop on Endoscopic surgery at cochin 23rd September 2011

Faculty in Infertility workshop “Advances in infertility and ART” during 55th AICOG ( All India conference of Obstetrics & Gynaecology) at Varanasi – 26th January 2012.

Faculty in Infertility workshop during 34th All Kerala Conference on 10th February 2012 at Kottayam

Faculty in Advanced Practical Andrology And Clinical Management workshop during 17th National ISAR Conference, Raipur 1st March 2012

Faculty in infertility workshop in XIV Andhra Pradesh congress of Obst. & gynaecology at Nalgonda – 7th July 2012

South Indian Co ordinator of FOGSI All India workshops on “Basic Infertility Management –What To Do And What Not To Do” in 2012

Faculty in infertility workshop in TOGSICON at Thrissur – 9th Nov. 2012

Faculty in IFS(Indian Fertility Society) – IUI hands on workshop at Cochin – 25th November 2012.

Faculty in International Academic Exchange Committee workshop in All India Conference in January 2013 Mumbai

Operative Faculty in Hystero Laparoscopy workshop on 23rd February 2013 organised by FOGSI and BSOG at Bangalore

Invited faculty in the “workshop – ultrasound Changing Infertility Practice and results ?”of ASPIRE – India conference at Chennai – 17th May 2013.

Operating faculty in FOGSI Hysteroscopy workshop at City Hospital, Cochin organized by FOGSI Infertility committee and COGS – 21st July 2013.

Faculty in Workshop on IUI Organised by Institute Of Reproductive Medicine And Womens Health ,Madras Medical Mission, Chennai , 8th August 2013.

Faculty in ovulation induction workshop during YUVA FOGSI south zone conference at Trichy – 16th August 2013.

Faculty in workshop on “Trouble shooting in Infertility” in RCOG World Congress at Hyderabad on 27th March 2014

Operating Faculty in International Society for Gynaec Endoscopy (ISGE) Asian Meeting Live Workshop in Cochin, October 2014

Faculty in Hysteroscopy workshop during AICOG on 1st February 2014 at Patna

Faculty in Infertility workshop during All India Conference January 2015 at Chennai

Faculty in Advanced ART workshop during National Conference of ISAR 10th April 2015

Invited Faculty for Hysteroscopic workshop during 59th AICOG Agra January 2016

Conducted International Academic Exchange Committee workshop in All India Conference in January 2016 at Agra

Operating Faculty in International Live Endoscopic surgery Workshop in Cochin, September 2016

Faculty in Infertility committee workshop in AICOG 2017 Ahmedabad

Faculty in Endocrinology committee workshop in AICOG 2017 Ahmedabad


Speaker Faculty in many national, state and regional conferences

Faculty in all AICOG since 2004 and ISAR national conference since 2006