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Dr. Deepak Balasubramanian

Clinical Associate Professor

Department: Centre for Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology, Surgical Oncology
Qualification: MS, MCh
Email: deepakb21151@aims.amrita.edu

About Me

Dr. Deepak Balasubramanian currently serves as Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology. He completed his MBBS from Madras Medical College and subsequently his Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery training in JIPMER Puducherry. Following his residency, he undertook a three-year subspecialty training in head and neck oncology which led to the award of the MCh degree. He then completed a one-year advanced fellowship in head – neck and reconstructive microsurgery at the Sydney Head & Neck Cancer Institute, Australia under Professor Jonathan Clark. After his fellowship he returned to India and joined as faculty at Amrita in 2014.
Dr. Balasubramanian participates in the entire length and breadth of head-neck & reconstructive surgery. He shares a passion for both cancer and reconstructive surgery alike. He is a faculty for several national and international meetings involving head neck ablative and reconstructive surgery. He is actively involved in the training of head-neck and plastic surgery residents in Amrita. He is a core faculty for all Amrita training programs. He has published several articles in national and international journals and serves as a reviewer for prestigious international journals. He has authored text book chapters pertaining to head and neck and plastic surgery.


  • MBBS (2004) – Madras Medical College and Govt. General Hospital, Chennai
  • M.S (2009) – Otolaryngology, JIPMER Puducherry
  • DNB (2010) – Otolaryngology, National Board of examinations, New Delhi
  • MCh (2013) – Head & Neck Surgical Oncology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi
  • Advanced fellowship Head- Neck and Reconstructive Microsurgery (2014) – Sydney Head & Neck cancer Institute, Sydney Australia

Special Interests

  • Head & Neck Cancer Surgery
  • Head & Neck Reconstructive microsurgery
  • Facial nerve surgery & Facial nerve reconstruction
  • Salivary & thyroid surgery
  • Secondary reconstruction of the head and neck
  • Trans oral laser microsurgery


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Review articles

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  • Dr. M.A.Gopalakrishnan GOLD MEDAL for best paper –Outcomes following pharyngeal reconstruction in total laryngectomy. Association of Otolaryngologists – Head & Neck Surgeons of India, South zoneconference – October 14-16th 2011.
  • Padmashri Prof. Kameswaran GOLD MEDAL for the best post graduate paper - Management of Sellar-SuprasellarCraniopharyngiomas : An Endoscopic Trans Nasal Trans Sphenoidal approach. Association of Otolaryngologists – Head & Neck Surgeons of India, Tamil Nadu State Conference – September 2008.
  • Padmashri Prof. Kameswaran GOLD MEDAL for the best post graduate paper - Rhinosporidiosis – Our Experience and Current Concepts. Association of Otolaryngologists – Head & Neck Surgeons of India, Tamil Nadu State Conference – September 2009.

Text Book Chapters

  • Sharma M, Balasubramanian D. Dressings and topical agents in wound care. In: Sarabhai S, Tiwari VK, eds. Principles and Practice of Wound Care, 1stedn. New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publsihers, 2012; 79-85. ISBN-978-93-5025-864-4.
  • Limbachiya SV, Balasubramanian D. Neck Nodal Levels and Classification of Neck Dissection. Basic Concepts in Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology. 2015 May 10:77.
  • Limbachiya SV, Balasubramanian D. Management of Neck Metastasis with Unknown Primary. Basic Concepts in Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology. 2015 May 10:94.