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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the tertiary phase in the treatment of all human sufferings. Our physiatrists determine treatment plans for the rehabilitation of patients after acute problems are settled. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists carry out the work of rehabilitation as directed by the physiatrist. The major work of this department is completed in association with the departments of orthopedics, neuro medicine, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, paediatrics including neonatology, and other medical and surgical departments.

Services Offered

  • Stroke and hemiplegic rehabilitation
  • Spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation
  • Treatment for musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries
  • Paediatric neuromuscular rehabilitation
  • Ergonomic assessment and correction advises
  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation
  • Comprehensive amputation rehabilitation (upper and lower limb)


1. Amrita Hyperbaric Medical Services

Amrita’s Hyperbaric Medicine unit started in January 2015.It is the largest chamber in Kerala. Currently we serve patients with brain injuries including strokes, and radiation related damage, along with non-healing wounds.

2. Spasticity Services

  • Phenol neurolysis
  • Botox neurolysis
  • Hyaluronidase neurolysis
  • Comprehensive hand and leg functional retraining

3. Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
4. Amputee Rehabilitation

We offer below and above knee prosthetic manufacturing and we offer prosthetic hands for wrist amputations.

5. Peripheral Nerve Injury Rehabilitation

  • Brachial plexus clinic since 2010.
  • We also treat entrapment neuropathy and autoimmune neuropathy.

6. Paediatric Rehabilitation

Cerebral Palsy
When a child has spasticity that is not improving with medications and therapy, if the spasticity is in a few muscles, injections like Botox can be helpful. In patients where half the body or whole body is having spasticity, we offer selective dorsal rhizotomy.

7. Hand Transplant Rehabilitation

Once the hands are transplanted on to a patient, the next year-and-a-half they spent in the Physical Medicine OPD learning how to use the hands.

8. Pain Rehabilitation

Many people do not realize that their pain is not a deficiency of medication, injections and therapy. As a result they find the pain recurs.

  • PT
    • Short wave diathermy
    • Ultrasound diathermy
    • Interferential current
    • Protocol exercises
    • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
  • PMR
    • Functional retraining
    • Postural analysis and correction
    • Trigger point injections
    • Prolotherapy and Neural therapy

9. Robotic Therapy

The moto-med viva2 robotic service began in February 2019 and provides half-houral exercise for patients with difficulty walking.

  • We know early mobilization can help patients get out of the hospital faster, and in better shape. This robot will come to the bedside and provide therapy for those in need.
  • It can work on both arms and legs, whether a patient is able to participate or not. It can even give electric stimulation for weak muscles.
  • We normally use this in patients with the following conditions:
    • Brain and Spinal cord injury
    • Critical illness neuropathy
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Bed bound due to: Cancer, COPD, ICU, Dialysis, Cardiac problems
  • Syrebo hand therapy

10. Pelvic floor rehabilitation

Physiatrist: history, exam, diagnosis, therapeutic interventions, prolotherapy, neural therapy
Pelvic floor nurse: EMG biofeedback

11. Neural therapy

For the first time in India this service was introduced. It is a rare form of health care mostly practiced in Europe that doesn’t need special investigations to heal a person, but is highly dependent on their history of life and personal factors. It is injection based and is useful in chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, and other conditions that modern medicine cannot either name or successfully treat

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