• Kochi: (0) 484 2852100, 6682100, Faridabad: 0129-2851234

Patient Information

Outpatient Departments:

  • Timings: 8 AM till the last patient is seen.
  • Every outpatient seeking treatment at the hospital is registered prior to the consultation.
  • A case sheet is generated electronically for recording history, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment being provided.
  • For every new patient a Unique MRD number will be generated.
  • If you have been registered previously, kindly quote your Medical Record Number, while taking an appointment.
  • In case, you are a non-appointment / walk-in patient, you are requested to wait to see the doctor.
  • Appointment patients will be given a preference. Only emergency walk-in can be seen out of turn.
  • Payments for all specialties can be made at the OP Billing Counter.
  • Special clinics like endocrinology and podiatry has evening clinics.
  • Selected Outpatient Departments functions on Sundays also.

Appointment Help Desk:

  • Appointments for all departments are centralized.
  • While taking an appointment please quote your Name, concerned department, age, Phone no and MRD, if available and the preference of physician to be seen.
  • Working Hours : 7 AM – 6 PM (Monday to Saturday).
  • 8 AM – 5 PM (Sundays and Holidays).
  • Appointments can be taken through phone or by email.
  • Email- appointments@aims.amrita.edu
  • Phone no: +91 484 2852100


  • Location guide map is available and directional signboards are fixed in each floor.
  • Enquiries counter exist at the reception (ambulatory entrance and main entrance)
  • Telephone number for central enquiry : +91 484 – 2851234
  • Public Relation officer helps the patient at the OPD entrance.
  • Hospital enquiry hotline works round the clock. The phone numbers are : +91 484 – 2851234, +91 484 – 6681234

Casualty and Emergency Services:

  • The casualty functions round the clock all days.
  • Casualty and Emergency Services Direct No: 0484 – 2856041 and Fax no : 0484 – 2856035.
  • Casualty Medical Officer and Resident Doctors are available 24 hrs all days.
  • Duty Doctors are available on call round the clock in all specialities.
  • All the items required are made available during mass casualties.
  • In serious cases, priority is given to treatment/ management than paper work like registration  and medico-legal cases. The decision rests with the treating doctor.
  • Emergency operation theatre is maintained on a regular basis to ensure that it is usable all times.

Ambulance Services:

  • A team of trained and dedicated Medical Professionals, Emergency Technicians, Nursing personnel and trained drivers are always ready to handle all eventualities round the clock.
  • The Ambulance services are available for transportation of patients from AIMS or to AIMS.
  • Ambulance service enquiry nos
  • Phone: 0484 – 2856041
  • Fax: 0484 – 2856035
  • Email:
  • This facility is available 24 hours a day, on all days.

Contact Us

Emergency Contact

   Phone: 0484 - 2856666

   Fax: 0484 - 2856035


Ambulance Services

   Phone: 0484 - 2856041

   Fax: 0484 - 2856035