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Director's Message

The Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Cochin, Kerala, India was established in 1998 to provide affordable medical care in a patient friendly atmosphere and in a spirit of compassion previously beyond the reach of the common man. Since opening its doors in 1998, Amrita Hospital, our 1,300 bed tertiary care hospital has provided more than four billion rupees worth of charitable medical care; more than three million patients received completely free treatment. Amrita Hospital provides dedicated patient care and endeavours to improve its services on a constant, ongoing basis.

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What We Offer To You

The most significant element in the establishment of Amrita Hospital is the compassion of AMMA, whose vision and constant encouragement were the inspiration to create this facility with the one objective of relieving the suffering of individuals and their families who suffer with them.

A Free Drug Bank For Poor
Compassionate Service to People
Excellence Through Education
We Provide Quality Education

Amrita School of Medicine

 Amrita School of Medicine complements a fine technical education by enhancing skills with a unique understanding and compassion for those being treated. A commitment to the practice of medicine in its highest form is a lifelong commitment to humanity. The values of genuine caring and humble service will build both competence and character and provide joy through action, which will truly become a labor of love.

The management and faculty pledge full support in preparing our students and doctors to serve people in a way that honors this institution and this great country. But most importantly, hard work and dedication will be multiplied by the blessings of AMMA, whose sole purpose is service and the upliftment of the people of India and the world.