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Gynecologic Oncology Division

Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Centre for Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare, Amrita institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, is one of the top ranked programs in Gynecologic Oncology in the country. Surgical experts here offer integrated approach to gynecologic cancers and also for complex benign gynecologic diseases. From conventional surgeries to surgeries using the latest cutting edge technologies including robotic surgery, surgeons here are equipped with all that is needed for the surgical management of gynecologic cancers. The surgical team is well supported by the specialist medical and radiation oncology teams, specialist gynaecologic oncology pathologist, palliative care physicians, genetic counsellors and other supportive care physicians.

  • Cancer Treatment : We offer treatment for all gynecologic cancers
  • Preventive Services : Prevention of cervical cancers, Breast cancer screening
  • Special Services : Multidisciplinary Tumour Boards, Oncofertility services

Cancer Treatment

We offer treatment for all gynecologic cancers including cancer of ovary, uterus, cervix and vulva. Each patient is discussed in a multidisciplinary tumor board including medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists before planning appropriate treatment. Treatment options are selected to treat the disease as well as provide the patient with the best quality of life.

Surgeries offered

  • Endometrial cancer - staging surgeries, debulking surgeries for advanced disease.
  • Ovarian cancer - staging surgeries, complete cytoreduction for advanced disease, interval cytoreduction after chemotherapy, surgery for recurrent ovarian cancers, fertility sparing staging surgeries for young women, surgery for borderline ovarian tumors.
  • Cervical cancer - radical surgery for early cervical cancer and exenterative surgery for recurrent cervical cancer.
  • Cancer vagina and vulva - radical vulvectomy, inguinal node dissection, radical surgeries for vaginal cancers.
  • Benign surgeries - surgeries for complex endometriosis with frozen pelvis.

Latest Surgical Advances

  • Minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery :
    At Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), we offer the entire range of minimally invasive surgery from advanced laparoscopy to robotic assisted surgery. Robotic assisted surgery helps in faster patient recovery so that the lady is able to get back to her normal activities much faster. Minimally invasive surgery is the standard of care for endometrial cancer. In addition to endometrial cancer, some early ovarian cancers, recurrent cancers and patients needing completion staging can also benefit from robotic assisted surgeries. AIMS is one of the pioneering centre in India for robotic assisted surgery in gynecology with over 800 complex gynaecologic surgeries completed robotically so far.
  • Sentinel Node mapping :
    Sentinel node mapping is a method which helps to identify the lymph nodal spread of cancers accurately. AIMS pioneered the sentinel node mapping for endometrial cancer with the help of indocyanine green dye. Presently sentinel node mapping is used in the surgical management of endometrial, cervical and vulvar cancers.
  • Enhanced recovery protocols :
    Every patient undergoing surgery at the gynecologic oncology department is managed with the help of enhanced recover protocols which helps in a faster recover. These are scientifically proven methods to improve surgical recovery and reduce pain. AIMS was the first institute in India to implement these protocols in gynecologic oncology.
  • Intraperitoneal chemotherapy :
    This modality is used in the management of ovarian cancers. After ovarian cancer surgery, for suitable patients, we offer the option of intraperitoneal chemotherapy which can improve the delivery of chemotherapy to the diseased tissues helping better disease control.

Preventive Services

We offer comprehensive cancer screening services for women.

Prevention of Cervical Cancers

  • HPV based screening
  • Pap smear tests
  • Colposcopy
  • Cervical cancer vaccination

Breast Cancer Screening

  • Mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • A 1.5 T, 8 channel coil, Breast MRI unit

Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Screening in legitimate population

  • Specific tumour markers
  • Advanced imaging techniques

Special Services

Multidisciplinary Tumour Boards

Each cancer patient presenting to AIMS is discussed in a multidisciplinary tumour board including medical and radiation oncologists, radiologists and onco-pathologists to select the best possible treatment plan.

Oncofertility services

Cancer is also seen in younger women desirous of pregnancy. At AIMS we offer special oncofertility clinics where in association with a fertility specialist, the best option to preserve fertility is discussed and implemented for patient needing fertility preservation.

Genetic counselling

A dedicated genetic counsellor helps the patients to assess the genetic risks and with the modern genetic tests available each patient is able to know if they or their family members carry an increased risk for cancers. This can help women take measures to prevent cancer if found at risk. The genetic lab at AIMS can test for a wide array of genetic mutations that can cause cancer including the BRCA mutations.


Diagnosis of a cancerous lesion and the treatment period can be stressful to patients as well as caregivers. We offer the services of a dedicated oncopsychologist to help alleviate the stress when needed.

Lifestyle management

During and after the treatment of cancer, patients and care givers are worried about the diet, permitted activities, exercise, return to work etc. Integrated lifestyle management experts including dieticians, counsellors and physiotherapists can help clear every doubt the patient has and help her in having an active life during and after treatment.

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