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Breast Diseases Division

Breast Diseases Division at Amrita is unique in nature as it offers total breast care under one roof. The Division provides a dedicated and comprehensive range of breast health services with a focus on holistic health. Our team of breast cancer experts and compassionate clinical staff combined with the state-of-the-art facility ensures the best possible experience for our patients. Our goal is to take care of the most common, seemingly benign but troublesome problems almost every woman comes across at some point in her life in a very private and confidential setting, so that she will feel absolutely comfortable, dignified and respected. We are also focusing at promoting breast cancer awareness and education by offering a variety of education programs to our public community. Our aim is to promote early breast cancer detection in women by screening mammogram, offer excellent multidisciplinary treatment for breast cancer and making a difference in the outcome. Breast Diseases Division offers comprehensive assessment, prevention and screening, diagnostics, treatment – surgical, medical, reconstructive and radiation, counselling & rehabilitation and cosmetology for all breast problems by an expert multidisciplinary team including expert women team.
Incidence of breast cancer is on the rise in India and presently it is the second common malignancy in females and a major health issue. However, for the woman diagnosed with breast cancer it is a life changing experience. But the diagnosis of breast cancer need not mean removal of breast. With the modern oncoplastic surgical techniques breast cancer can be removed while preserving the breast aesthetically and safely. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences has been one of the first to offer oncoplastic breast reconstruction in Kochi since the past 5 years. Here we have breast surgeons trained in oncoplastic techniques from international institutes offering a vast range of breast aesthetic and cosmetic surgeries. Moreover, most of the breast diseases are not cancers but benign disorders which cause a lot of anxiety to the patient.
At the Breast Diseases Division, we aim to provide a complete, comprehensive and multi-professional care for all breast-related problems for all age groups. Breast problems require a multidisciplinary management involving surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists and counsellors. Here in Amrita, we have state-of-the-art breast imaging center, pathologists, breast surgeons and surgical oncologists trained in oncoplastic breast surgery to provide a one-stop solution to all breast issues from simple breast pain to breast cancer. We also have a technologically advanced radiation oncology department and highly trained medical oncologists to support breast cancer treatment along with weekly tumor boards and multi-disciplinary breast team for evidence based and ethical treatment of all breast diseases including cancer.

Services Offered

1. Evaluation of all breast diseases by a team of surgeons including surgical oncologists, female breast oncoplastic surgeons and reconstructive surgeons trained in premier international and Indian institutes.
2. Our team offers the whole spectrum of breast surgeries available at present across the globe which include:

  • Breast conservation surgeries with latest oncoplastic techniques
  • Immediate and delayed post mastectomy breast reconstruction with implants and tissue flaps
  • Hidden and cosmetic scar surgery for breast
  • Excision of small non-palpable lesions with wire and ultrasound guidance
  • Sentinel LN biopsy
  • Cosmetic breast procedures like breast reduction, augmentation and breast deformity correction
  • Management of complete range of benign breast diseases including infective, autoimmune and hormone related

3. A complete breast radiological evaluation by dedicated internationally trained breast radiologist which include

  • Breast cancer screening
  • Mammography with digital breast tomography
  • Breast ultrasound with a complete range of USG guided interventional procedures like biopsies, wire localization therapeutic intervention
  • A 1.5 T, 8 channel coil, Breast MRI unit for diagnostic evaluation of challenging breast problems.
  • Facilities for stereotactic breast biopsies.

4. A fully equipped pathology lab with highly trained breast pathologist and facilities for complete immunohistochemistry panel evaluation of breast tumours.
5. A highly advanced radiotherapy facility with dedicated breast radiation oncologists. Our facilities include:

  • LINAC with 3D CRT for breast radiotherapy
  • Tomotherapy for breast radiation
  • Brachytherapy for breast cancer
  • Accelerated partial breast radiotherapy
  • Active breast coordinated left-sided breast radiotherapy for cardiac sparing.

6. Medical oncologists trained in chemotherapy for breast cancer offering

  • Conventional chemotherapy
  • Targeted molecular chemotherapy
  • Targeted Immunotherapy
  • The only center in Kerala to provide scalp cooling technique for chemotherapy related hair loss prevention.

7. A fully equipped nuclear medicine center with facilities for

  • Radio isotope imaging in small breast tumors
  • Lymphoscintigraphy and sentinel lymph node biopsy
  • Tc99 Bone scan
  • PET CT and PET MRI for metastatic workup in breast cancer

8. Facilities for post breast cancer rehabilitation including provision of

  • Lymphedema care, surgical management and compression garments
  • External breast prosthesis and post mastectomy garments
  • Facilities for provision of wigs

9. Clinical psychologist and breast counsellor
10. Pain and palliative management for advanced breast cancer

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