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Paediatric Neurology

Division of Paediatric Neurology, one of the major centres of excellence in the Department of Neurology, is well equipped to treat the entire range neurological disorders in children. The Division has the expertise for the evaluation and management of neurological disorders including epilepsy, sleep disorders, stroke, neuromuscular disorders, behavioral disorders and learning disabilities.


  • Comprehensive epilepsy centre
  • Multidisciplinary management teams for neurodevelopmental disabilities
  • Paediatric sleep disorder centre
  • Advanced and highly skilled neuro critical care and stroke management

Patient Conditions Treated


One of the commonest neurological disorder in children. This requires evaluation by EEG & majority of patients respond to drugs. 15% may remain refractory to drug treatment. Epilepsy is one of the thrust areas of the division and the program is well known in the national and international circuits. The hallmarks of the paediatric epilepsy services:

  • Comprehensive paediatric epilepsy program with facilities for diagnosis and management of difficult epilepsies in children of all age groups.
  • Internationally acclaimed special expertise in EEG monitoring of newborn and small infants.
  • Pre surgical evaluation of drug resistant epilepsies in children with facilities for VEEG monitoring, PET and SPECT studies and electrocorticography.
  • Ketogenic diet program for drug resistant epileptic encephalopathies which are not amenable to surgery.
  • Clinical psychology services for children with epilepsy along with learning disorders or autistic tendencies.
  • Close laison with clinical genetics team for the evaluation of genetic epilepsies

Sleep Disorders

One of the less attended problem in paediatric age group. Poor sleep can result in memory problems, impaired attention affecting studies. The symptoms may be excessive day time sleepiness, snoring or abnormal behavior in sleep. We have a well equipped sleep lab for doing PSG, MSLT & PAP titration for various sleep problems. Currently, it is the only center in kerala offering comprehensive evaluation and management for sleep disorders in children


Paediatric stroke is an acute emergency. A 24-hour imaging facility providing CT, the division has MRI, MRV, MRA & DSA. A well equipped neurosurgery department supports the division in the management of stroke including revascualrisation procedures for rare disorders like Moya Moya disease.

Critical Care

An exclusive paediatric ICU with paediatric ventilator and bed side EEG machine is available for any acute neurological emergencies like status epilepticus and viral encephalitis. The division is well supported by a well trained critical care team.

Behavioural and Learning Disorders

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autistic spectrum disorders and learning disabilities are becoming increasingly common in children. The Division has child psychologists & special educators for the evaluation and management of these children. Special parental guidance is also available.

Neuromuscular Disorders

The division uses all the state-of-the-art techniques in the evaluation of the neuromuscular disorders like NCS, EMG , nerve & muscle biopsy.
In addition , the division runs weekly multispecialty clinics for the management of children with cerebral palsy, other gait disturbances and brachial plexus injuries.

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