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Frequently asked questions

1. What is learning and what is memory?

Learning is acquisition of new information or knowledge.
Memory is retention of learned information

2. Can you explain the process from the beginning?

The process starts with perception. You perceive the world through your five senses.
The five senses are known to all – Seeing, hearing, touching, and appreciating smell and taste. Depending on the degree of attention you pay to the information the same gets encoded or not. Hence attention is an important pre-requisite for memory. Aspects of motivation and emotion gets enhance attention. Whether the information gets filtered at the sensory level or at the brain level is still debatable.

3. What happens to the sensory information perceived through our senses?

A piece of information will have different sensory components and emotions. For example if I want to learn and memorize this text then I need to store the information in the networks in my brain. The different modalities go to different parts of brain. However the areas get connected and form a dedicated circuit for that chunk of information. There is a slogan in Neurology “Neurons that fire together wire together.

4. What is memory consolidation?

In memory consolidation, different sensory aspects get consolidated. It is like having different types of cut vegetables that go to make a dish. The preparation or consolidation is done in the part of the brain called hippocampus. This happens during REM sleep.
Hence a good refreshing sleep is essential for proper memory consolidation.

5. What is the concept of memory clinic?

Apart from the increasing recognition of dementia, memory problems do occur in the general population due to the changed life style. We are now too much dependent on external memory devices for our memory. There is lack of attention and untrained multitasking. Memory inhibiting diet and poor sleep hygiene are other life style issues.
Memory clinic deals with day to day memory problems as well as dementia. The aim is to have customized assessment and interventions. Memory clinic caters to students and people in different walks of life. It is not a purely a patient oriented clinic but aims at enhancing memory and learning through structured approach.

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  • Ms. Kavitha [Coordinator]

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