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Amrita Advanced Centre for Epilepsy

Amrita Advanced Centre for Epilepsy (AACE) provides comprehensive care to individuals who suffer from epilepsy. The Centre celebrated the successful completion of hundred epilepsy surgeries in its fourth year of service on February 25, 2014.
An estimated 60 lakh individuals suffer from epilepsy in India. Apart from being a physical disease, epilepsy has a strong mental and social implication. This disease adversely affects women with pregnancy and also is an important contributor of learning disability in children. The incidence of divorce among epilepsy patients is on the rise. The unpredictability of the epileptic attack leaves the patients helpless and most of the time at the mercy of others.
At Amrita Advanced Centre for Epilepsy (AACE), treatment is not confined to medicines only. A significant number of patients have been cured by surgery also.
Our team of experts include adult epileptologists, pediatric epileptologists, epilepsy surgeons, radiologists , nuclear medicine physician , neuropathologist, neuropsychologist, medical social worker and dietician.

Our Services

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Amrita epilepsy monitoring unit is a 5-bedded state of the art VEEG telemetry unit. It is an inpatient facility for diagnosis and localisation of the seizure.

Intracranial EEG

Electrodes are implanted onto the surface of the brain or within the brain itself. These pick up the seizure electrical activity.

Stereo EEG

The newest technology that allows implantation of fine electrodes into the brain through pinholes on the skull avoiding open surgery. Ours is the first centre in India to do stereo EEG.

PET and SPECT scan

Time-tested nuclear medicine imaging tools for localizing epileptogenic focus especially when MRI is normal.

Functional MRI

Used to identify areas of the brain that control speech, movements of hands and legs, vision, and memory.

Functional Brain Mapping

Electrodes implanted into the brain are used to precisely map the areas of the brain involved in different functions like speaking, moving, sensations, vision. This information is then used to safely preserve important brain functions while removing the area responsible for the seizures.


Uses administration of a drug directly into the arteries of the brain to confirm the side of the brain involved in language and memory.

For Adults with Epilepsy

  • We have daily epilepsy clinics for new onset seizures.
  • Special Clinics on Wednesdays for refractory epilepsy and women with epilepsy.
  • Seizure management conferences on every Saturday (discussion and decision making on refractory epilepsy cases). The team consists of epileptologists, epilepsy surgeons, Radiologists, Nuclear med physicians, Neuropsychologists, Neuropathologist and medical social worker.
  • Postoperative epilepsy surgery clinics on Saturdays

Achievements of Our Epilepsy Centre

  • Completed 100 cases of epilepsy surgery
  • First center in India to do Stereo EEG

Doctors /Faculties

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