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Cancer Registry

The cancer registry is involved in the systematic collection recording and analysis of cancer cases seen at Amrita Hospital. This is a hospital based cancer registry. The registry provides an important source for functional auditing for the center, research and training. Assessing the burden and distribution of cancer provides leads for cancer research and control. Effectiveness of treatment is measured by the survival time and for evaluation of the quality of survival. Cancer registry data provides evidence based information for all facets of oncology training.
The cancer registry in Amrita Institute began in April 2004. Cancer patients are seen in various speciality clinics in Amrita Hospital. Patients are referred to the cancer institute when they require treatment. Various tumour boards discuss the case management before initiation of treatment. All patients attending Amrita Hospital for medical consultation are registered in the outpatient registration office and a registration number, the Medical Record Department Number (MRD) is issued. A unitary system of registering is maintained. ie., one patient one record number. Registry workers visit various clinics daily and denote a serial number on the case record when it is observed or suspected to be a cancer case. A register is maintained to record the MRD numbers of such cases. This is maintained as a suspense file. We participate in ICMR sponsored outcome research in cancer.

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