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Amrita Valve Repair Centre

The mitral valve is one of the major valves in the heart located between the two left sided chambers of your heart. It basically functions to allow uni-directional flow of blood from the upper to the lower chamber. It has two leaflets which ensure the competency of the valve. Occasionally one or both of the leaflets may abnormally bulge back into the upper chamber causing a condition called mitral valve prolapse. This can over time lead to backward leak of blood through the valve a condition called mitral regurgitation. In the initial stages mitral regurgitation is managed by your Cardiologist using a variety of available medications. However if the leak progresses to a severe degree then surgery becomes the only option as long standing severe leak will lead to harmful effects on the heart and lungs.
Surgery for mitral regurgitation should ideally be by repairing your mitral valve i.e. by retaining your own valve as it has been proven to lead to better long term results almost equal to a person who does not have valve disease. Also if the valve is repaired one does not have to take lifelong medicines to prevent blood clotting. So the quality of life is also maintained after mitral valve repair. The valve repair is done either through a conventional open technique or sometimes through a minimally invasive key hole technique.
Only in cases where it is deemed that the valve is not repairable should mitral valve replacement be done with artificial valves which may be mechanical or tissue valves.Here at Amrita, we have extensive experience with mitral valve repairs over the years and we offer it as the first choice to patients who come with mitral regurgitation.

Services Offered

The services offered at the Amrita Mitral Valve Repair Centre of Excellence are:

Advanced therapeutic options:

  • State of the art echocardiography including 3D and TEE

Advanced diagnostic studies:

  • Mitral Valve repair using various techniques like neo chordae, limited leaflet resection and leaflet sliding plasty. The surgical program is headed by Dr. Praveen Varma, Chief of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery.

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