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  • by Ajay T
  • August 10, 2022

    When it comes to healing, doctors balance a delicate formula of the logic of medical science with the expression of a heart-to-heart connection with their patients. If a patient receives compassion and correct treatment, the road to recovery is faster and healthier. However with heavy workloads, sometimes health institutions operate mechanically rather than humanely.

    People need caring and affordable healthcare to reach true well-being founded upon hope for their futures. With this vision, Amrita Hospitals is built on the loving philosophy of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, fondly known as Amma. She believes advanced and high-quality healthcare should be accessible to all, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

    The foundation for Amrita Hospitals was established in 1998 as the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. Amrita Hospital, Kochi is today recognized the world over as a Centre of Excellence in Quality Healthcare, Education and Research has a 1350-bed quaternary referral and teaching hospital. Over the last 25 years, Amrita have been able to provide Quality Affordable Healthcare to over 1.21 crore outpatients and 8.87 lakh inpatients. In addition, over 700 crores has been spent exclusively towards healthcare charity. Surgeons perform more than 23,000 procedures per year.

    A medical marvel at Faridabad

    With 2,400 beds, Amrita Hospital in Faridabad will be India’s largest multispeciality private hospital. The massive medical institution is spread across 130 acres of land and will be equipped with 81 specialities and seven Centres of Excellence—oncology, cardiac sciences, neurosciences, gastro-sciences, bone diseases & trauma, transplants, and mother & child care. In terms of reach, Amrita Hospital will welcome patients from across India and around the world. Giving the best medical facilities and on the next phase with a health science campus

    Amrita hospital departments and facilities will have 534 beds dedicated to critical care, the highest number in India, and 64 modular operation theatres. It will also run the most advanced imaging services, a fully automated robotic laboratory, largest CSSD in the country, high-precision radiation oncology, the most updated nuclear medicine with neuro specialists, and a state-of-the-art cardiac and interventional cath lab for clinical services. A spacious helipad on the campus has been constructed for swift transport of patients, as well as a 498-room guest house where attendants who accompany the patients can stay.

    “This will be truly a world-class institution, the like of which the country has not seen before, both in terms of magnitude of scale as well as medical excellence,” said Dr. Sanjeev K Singh, Medical Director, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad.

    “Cutting-edge medical research will be a strong thrust area, with a dedicated research block spread across a 7-floor building totaling 3 lakh sq. ft with an exclusive Grade A to D GMP lab with a focus on identifying newer diagnostic markers, AI, ML, Bioinformatics etc. We are in the process of entering into research collaborations with some of the world’s biggest names in medical science, including hospitals and universities.”

    Going beyond healthcare technology

    The magnanimous Amrita Hospital will generate manpower, therefore creating new employment opportunities for thousands. Upon opening, Amrita hospital Faridabad there will be direct employment in the Faridabad area for approximately 2,000 people and indirect staff opportunities for 2,000 more. Once up and running, the facilities will have around 10,000 staff and over 800 doctors.

    Another noteworthy feature of the hospital is its plans to have minimal impact upon the environment, including a low carbon footprint and an end-to-end paperless facility with zero waste discharge. The facilities will address the issue of water supply through a rainwater-harvesting system, efficient water fixtures, and use of recycled water. There will also be a reduction of approximately 42% in consumption of potable water. To further support its natural settings, Amrita Hospital is deploying a network of electric vehicles and has created effective site and waste management systems to reduce pollution.

    Inauguration Ceremony

    Amrita Hospital, Faridabad will be inaugurated by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 24, 2022. Shri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma) will also grace the occasion with her presence. Hon’ble Governor of Haryana Bandaru Dattatreya and Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar will be attending the function along with other dignitaries.

    Believing in humanity above everything else

    Amrita Hospital, Faridabad begins a new chapter in the history of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math’s humanitarian activities. Amma’s life is dedicated to helping people in need. She has always strived hard to get their five basic needs met—food, shelter, healthcare, education, and livelihood.

    Amma’s vision then expands to how empowering those at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid brings positive impact to the rest of society. In the case of Amrita Hospitals, this means bringing reliable, high-quality, and affordable healthcare to people of all walks of life. With that goal amrita health care services, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad will carry forward the selfless legacy of Amrita Hospitals that began in 1998 and became one among the best medical hospitals in south India.