• Kochi: (0) 484 2852100, 6682100, Faridabad: 0129-2851234

Dr. Sheela Namboothiri

Clinical Professor and Head / Consultant

Department: Paediatric Genetics, Centre for Aortic Diseases and Marfan Syndrome
Qualification: MBBS, DCH, Dip NB (Paed), MSc Medical Genetics (Glasgow)
Email: sheelanampoothiri@aims.amrita.edu

Area of Interest (s)

  • Children with genetic & chromosomal problems.
  • Children with neurodevelopmental regression.
  • Parents of children with genetic problems who wish to have another baby.
  • Children with skeletal dysplasias.


  • Dr. D. S. Munagekar National IMA Award for the year 2013 – 2014.
  • Dr. Eapen Samuel Memorial Award for the Best Research Paper published in 2014.
  • Awardee of Commonwealth Scholarship- 2004-2005 for MSc. Medical Genetics, University of Glasgow.
  • Reviewer of two International journals - Pediatrics International & Journal of Pediatrics Infectious Diseases.
  • Attended 13th International Maple Syrup Urine Disease symposium in Ohio, USA in June 15 -17th 2006.
  • Presented Grand rounds in Children's Hospital, New Orleans, USA on June 21st 2005.
  • First prize for free paper presentation at Pedicon South 1999 at Calicut, on November 14th 1999.
  • Coordinator for National Neonatology forum Quiz in Neonatology for Postgraduates at Kochi, 2002.
  • First prize for free paper presentation at International Pediatric Neurology Conference at Trivandrum, on April 7th 2002.
  • Winner of 6th Practicing Pediatricians quiz at State round at Cochin, on October 6th 2002.
  • Winner of 6th Practicing Pediatricians quiz at South Zone round at Kottayam, on October 19th 2002.
  • First Prize at Final round of 6th Practicing Pediatricians quiz at National level at Mumbai, on Pedicon 2003 at January 5th 2003.
  • Life member of Indian Academy of Pediatrics from January 1st 1995.
  • Life member of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Kerala State branch.
  • Life member of Hematology Oncology Chapter of Indian Academy of Pediatrics from April 19th 1999.


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