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Center For Advanced Nursing Skill

Wound Care Nursing Certification Program

Skin and wound care, though a common healthcare need, has not received enough attention and focus in mainstream care giving. Though pressure ulcers and chronic wounds receive reasonably good care and attention, several others skin injuries related to or developing as part of hospitalization is seldom noticed, understood or managed effectively. Our experiences taught us that, a focused team of knowledgeable nurses to lead skin and wound care can bring about a marked difference in patients outcomes and cost of care.

It is with a vision to train specialized nurses in skin and wound care that this program is offered.

Piccline Certification Program

The use of PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters) is growing in many countries around the world. They are a good alternative to traditional Centrally Inserted Central Catheters, especially for mid to long-term intravenous therapies. Their placement is simple, non-traumatic with low iatrogenic risks. The goal of this network is to bring all PICC inserters and trainers to a level of excellence. Our goal is to certify the registered nurses to attain expertise as well as excellence in the field of PICC Line insertion, care and maintenance, enabling them to provide quality care.

This further allows them to educate and contribute effectively in a PICC Line team.

Pediatric Cardiology Nursing Certification Program

Research shows that nursing expertise directly affects patient outcomes in developed countries (Famolare& Romero, 2013; Hickey et al., 2013; Yakusheva et al., 2014). Specifically, PCICU nurses with more knowledge and expertise were shown to reduce inpatient mortality in the United States (Hickey et al., 2013). With core focus on patients of pediatric cardiology, the program offers an opportunity to gain specialized knowledge in the field and increase their proficiency in care giving. It is with this foresight for the patient as well as increasing the skill set of the nurses,

AIMS offers this program.

Infection Control Nursing Certification Program

With the emergence of newly identified infectious microorganisms and multi drug resistant microbes in health care settings, it becomes crucial for health care givers to protect both themselves and the patient from acquiring infection. This course was developed with a vision of providing nurses the essential learning in Infection Control Practices so as to enable them to work in the infection control team with needed preparation.

This is a beginner’s course and can be considered as an important strategy in effective implementation of an infection prevention program.

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