International Patients

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is located in one of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations. Amrita Hospital welcomes international patients from all corners of the world. Offering treatment and medical solutions for even the most complex health problems, our team of internationally acclaimed doctors and healthcare specialists give hope to millions around the globe.

Our Services

The department is visited by more than 25,000 patients per year. Our 24 x 7 in-hospital specialty services include emergency dialysis facility, cardiac pacing and emergency endoscopy.

Cardiac Emergencies
Toxicological Emergencies
Neurological Emergencies
Respiratory Emergencies
Surgical Emergencies
Supportive Services
Accident/Trauma Care
Disaster Management & Rescue Missions


Total Beds


Triage Area / Observation Area


Adult Resuscitation Area


Emergency Critical Care Unit

Emergency Medicine

Doctors /Faculties

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Emergency Contact

   Phone: 0484 - 2856666

   Fax: 0484 - 2856035

Ambulance Services

   Phone: 0484 - 2856041

   Fax: 0484 - 2856035

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