Activities and Celebrations

Diabetes Management Champions and Skin Issue Integrity Champions Day 2019

The annual celebration of the Diabetes Management Champions (DMC) and Skin Issue Integrity Management Champions (SIIMC) of Nursing Services of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) was held on November 18, 2019. The programme commenced with a prayer invoking blessings from our beloved Amma - Shri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi.

The welcome speech was delivered by Ms Athira S. Nair (Diabetic Management Champion, AIMS). Ms. Sai Bala M (Nursing Director, AIMS) delivered the keynote address which emphasised on the formation and efforts of upbringing these champions. In addition, she also briefed about the journey of these champions from its inception to this day. The chief guests of the programme were Dr. Babu Rao (Deputy Medical Superintendent/Senior Medical Administrator, AIMS) and Dr. M. Gopalakrishna Pillai MD, (Clinical Professor and HOD of General medicine, AIMS). The programme was inaugurated by Dr. M. Gopalakrishna Pillai. During the inaugural address he appreciated the whole team for their tireless efforts. He mentioned how astonished he was and is in awe about the changes these initiatives brought in patient care. He also appreciated Ms. Sai Bala M. (Nursing Director, AIMS) for her initiatives in refuting the false dogmas and empowering the nurses. His speech filled us with positive energy and enthusiasm to work forward with tremendous effort. After the inaugural address, awards for their best practices were distributed. B-male and T5F5 ward, bagged the prize for their timely notification and reporting of high risk patients.

Ms. Shijimol Shaji (Diabetic Management coordinator, AIMS) presented The Voyage of Diabetic Management Team from February 2013.

Ms. Sreelekshmi S. (Wound Care Coordinator, AIMS) presented the voyage of Wound Care Team from its launch in January 2015. She mentioned about the Skin Integrity Issue Notification Form (SIINF) development, Implementation of Braden Scale Risk Assessment tool, development and release of consensus on skin integrity issue management, trial run of Skin Integrity e-form, the establishment of Wound Care Certification Program and the various laurels achieved in various paper presentations.

Ms. Sai Bala M., congratulated all the nurses who have excelled as champions for their painstaking efforts. The best Diabetic Management Champion of the year 2018-2019 was bagged by Ms. Athira S. Nair (DCM, AIMS). The supporting champions were Ms. Sindhu D., Ms Alphonsa Lissa, Ms. Dhanya K., Ms. Deepthy Chandran (DCM, AIMS) and they were given a gift as a token of appreciation. Ms. Neethumol A. P. (SIIMC, AIMS) was awarded the best Skin Integrity Issue Management Champion Award. The company executives from 3M, Becton Dickinson, Abbott Health Care, India Medtronic Pvt Ltd, Arjo Huntleigh India, Sanofi India Ltd received a memento as token of love from Ms. Sai Bala (Nursing Director, AIMS) for their continuous support throughout the various initiatives that we developed.

Towards the end of the program, we had a few cultural programmes that soared our spirits. The program was made lively with a game. This program winded up with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms Neethumol A.P. (SIIMC). This event created yet another opportunity to celebrate the efforts and success of nurses, their contribution to the patient care creating beautiful memories worth rejoicing.


Parent Education and Discharge Instruction (PEDI) @ AMRITA

Parent Education and Discharge Instruction (PEDI) is a training programme offered by Children’s Heart Link, US and Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) for the education of parents of child with congenital heart disease. On November 2nd 2019, it was conducted in Amrita Hospital Kochi for 30 RBSK nurses and livestreaming for around 900 RBSK nurses in 14 centres across Kerala. The event was successful in meeting the needs of the audience. The training programme was conducted in a way to also involve all the participants in live streaming. There were lot of questions from the attendees through live streaming and in the AIMS venue. Questions was clarified by the expert faculties with quoting examples and real life experiences. The faculty could see the participants through zoom software, which helped to monitor their activities and receive their queries. Hand washing dance was performed to entertain the audience and made them practice steps, the participants through live streaming learned the steps and performed dance in their respective centres as well. Varieties of activities were given to all participants during sessions such as physical activities, nutrition and postoperative management. Video-assisted teaching was used to educate drug preparation and tips about PEDI training.

Ms. Sai Bala M., Nursing Director, AIMS, inaugurated the programme and introduced about PEDI. Mr. Vaisakh G, clinical nurse specialist, coordinated the event and took session on team involved in cardiac surgery, investigations before surgery and nutritional diets for child after cardiac surgery. Ms. Bindhiya B. Nair (clinical nurse specialist) as a coordinator contributed actively and took session on when to resume physical activities after surgery. Ms. Bindhu K. S., Nurse in-charge of pediatric cardiology ward dealt with immunization, preparing the child and family for surgery which was well received by the candidates. Mr. Akhilesh Raj T. N., clinical nurse educator, was an organiser of the event and taught about incision care and physical activity.

Ms. Meenu Thomas took sessions on how to prepare child for surgery and Ms. Greshma Ramesh dealt with medication administration. Ms. Jesna Santhosh, Ms. Jaqueline Jacson, Ms. Aleena Treesa and Ms. Devika Raj, 3rd Year BSc nursing students of Amrita College of Nursing, performed hand washing dance, demonstrated brushing technique and took sessions on oral care and symptoms to notify after cardiac surgery.


Breastfeeding Week Celebration 2019

Breast feeding awareness campaign is conducted every year for a week from August 01 - 07 by World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA). The theme for the year 2019 is ‘Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding Now and for the future!” Parents should be supported and have access to evidence-based unbiased information. Support from fathers, extended families, workplaces and communities, enable mothers to breastfeed. Paid maternal and paternal leave significantly increases personal and economic well being, and enables women to physically recover from childbirth before returning to work.

As Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences strives to actively encourage and promote breast feeding. Nursing services under the leadership of Nursing Director Ms. Sai Bala launched a project “AATHMAANUBANDHINI” in the month of April 2019 which aims to enhance mother child bonding through various initiatives. As a first step towards this goal continuous educational activities to antenatal and postnatal mothers were initiated to improve the rate of breastfeeding and to ensure effective breastfeeding in both healthy and ill newborns and infants through trained nurses (Baby Friendly Initiative Champions). It also comprises of educational sessions on expression of breast milk for all mothers, its storage and effective breast feeding techniques ensuring exclusive breast feeding up to six months of age. As an extension of this project we initiated the week - long celebration from August 1st to August 7th 2019 to promote breastfeeding and to empower parents to a sustainable practice.


Day 1 Aathmanubandhini’ training session for mothers.
Day 2 Story writing competition for staff and students.
Day 3 Poem writing competition for staff and students.
Day 4 Holiday
Day 5 Poster competition –evaluation.
Parents feedback on Breast Feeding week message.
Day 6 Competitions for parents and caretakers
Feedback session and distributing Fruit sapling to all new parents.

On the 7th day a closing ceremony was conducted and was graced by Dr. C. Jayakumar (Clinical Professor and Head, Paediatrics), Dr. Radhamani (Clinical Professor and Head, Obstetrics and Gynaecology), Dr. Jayasree C (Clinical Professor and Head, Neonatology) and Dr. Pragnatha Komaravolu, Paediatric Consultant, Ms. Sai Bala, Nursing Director and prizes were distributed for the various competitions conducted as part of the celebration involving the parents as well as the nursing staff and students which enhanced their knowledge on breastfeeding practices.

Inspired by the theme of this year the aim of the project has now been redefined as improving parent child bonding. The project will continue to embrace newer initiatives to empower parents.

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”

The journey continues........



Perioperative Management of Congenital Heart Disease

“PERIOPERATIVE MANAGEMENT OF CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE” was a three-day international conference for doctors and nurses conducted from 7th June 2019 to 9th June 2019. As part of the conference, the Nursing Services had conducted a one-day workshop “Nurses Skill Development Programme” (NSDP) on 07/06/2019 at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. The second and third day of the conference were exclusively for podium presentations including case discussions. The event was organised by Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences along with The Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society, Paediatric Cardiac Society of India, Children’s Heart link and Programme - Hridyam for little hearts.

NSDP was designed for nurses to develop skill in assessing and caring the children with congenital heart disease. The training was done through 5 skill stations such as cardiac assessment, troubleshooting in pediatric CVTS ICUs, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, intravenous therapy and self care practices for nurses, where all the participants could go through all the skill training stations and get trained in all these areas.

  • Ms Sandy Staveski, RN, Phd, US, Dr Gopalan M, Ms Midhula, RN and Ms Rintu, RN trained nurses on cardiac assessment
  • Justine Fortkeiwickz, RN, Mr Jidhun, CNS and Ms Akshara Vipin given training on CPR
  • Ms Anisree CP, CNE, Ms Radhika Mohandas, Mr Visakh V and Ms Nimisha Raju trained the participants on IV therapy
  • Ms Reshma S Nair, NI, Ms Abhiremya, RN Ms Resmi K B, NS and Ms Sreeja Mohan, NI given training on troubleshooting in ICU

It was an excellent occasion for the participants to meet and interact with experts from the field of paediatric cardiac nursing.

The inauguration of the event was done by Ms Sai Bala (Nursing Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences) and her keynote address had emphasised the importance of specialised training required for nurses to care the children with congenital heart disease so as to meet the changes in the field of paediatric cardiology.

The second and the third day (08/06/2019 & 09/06/2019) of the conference had talks on various topics which are most relevant in the paediatric cardiology. Dr. Krishna Kumar R, HOD, Pediatric Cardiology was the core member of the team who led the conference and appreciated nurses for their priceless contributions towards high standard care. Experts from various fields had taken sessions on various topics and shared their valuable experiences. Presentations were done by doctors and nurses from various institutions worldwide and following active discussions towards the end.

The chief speakers of the workshop were Dr.Lara Shekerdemian (Section Head, Cardiac Intensive Care, Texas Children’s Hospital), Dr Ravi Thiagarajan (Chief, CICU, and Children’s Hospital Boston), Dr Venkat Shankar (Medical Director, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) Dr Micheal Alice Moga, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto), Ms Sai Bala (Nursing Director, AIMS), Ms Sandy Staveski, (RN PhD, University of California, San Francisco), Dr David S Cooper(Medical Director, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre), MS Justine Fortkiewicz , (RN, Children’s National , Washington) and many more reputed faculties from various institutions.

  • Ms Sai Bala M, Nursing Director was a panellist in Sepsis, Infection control and antibiotic stewardship and was also invited to share experience of educating nurses in the workforce meeting: Building system towards sustainable workforce for PCICU in low and middle income countries.
  • Ms Sudhadmaja P P, DNO was a panellist in Critical Thinking for Nurses.
  • Mr Vaisakh G, CNS was a panellist for Ventilator Management.
  • Ms Reshma S Nair, RN presented Incharges Perspective on Infection Control Practices
  • Ms Nimisha M Raju, RN presented the perspective of a Bedside Nurse
  • Ms Ashly KS, ICN presented the perspectives of an Infection Control Nurse
  • Ms Amrita Asokan and AswathyBabu presented cases where they have used critical thinking and prevented serious complications and it was well appreciated
  • Ms Sreedevi K Gopi presented a case on Nutritional Challenges in ICU
  • Ms Aswathy Babu, Ms Amrita Asokan and Ms Sreedevi K Gopi have presented well about key aspects in pediatric cardiology.
  • All the presentations were well discussed and appreciated by the audience.

A total of around 115 delegates from different parts of the country attended the skill development program and around 300 delegates attended the main conference. The event came to an end with vote of thanks and certificate distribution to the delegates. All of the delegates opined that the conference was one of its kind where doctors and nurses shared a common platform and had equal opportunities to learn each other’s perspectives in managing children with congenital heart diseases.


RUFCON 2019 - Being a Team Player in Robotic Urology Nurses’/Technicians’ Track

“RUFCON-2019 Being a Team Player in Robotic Urology” was a one-day national workshop conducted along with 3rd National Conference Of Robotic Urology Forum (RUF) on 05/04/2019 at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. The event was organised by Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences along with RUF, Cochin Uro Club and Aster Medcity. The program was designed to enable the nurses & technicians to develop skill in handling equipments and assisting in the robotic rrology surgeries as an active team member. It was a golden opportunity for the participants to meet and interact with experts and colleagues in robotic rro-surgery and learn with da Vinci Xi system.

The inauguration of the event was done by Bri Sai Bala (Nursing Director, AIMS). In her keynote address, she emphasised on the importance of specialised training for nurses so as to cater the needs of ever changing field of medical science. Experts from various institutions in the field of robotic urology had taken sessions on various topics and shared their valuable experiences in robotic surgeries.

The chief speakers of the workshop were Ms. Premlatha Arora (Assistant Nursing Supervisor, PGI Chandigarh), Mr. Surya Ojha (Deputy Nursing Superintendent, Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi), Dr. Abhinav Pednekar, (Robotx India Nurses & Assistants Foundation, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, Mumbai), Dr. Santhosh Waiganka (Consultant Uro-oncologist, Reliance Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, Mumbai), Mr. Vineeth V (Clinical Sales Executive, Intuitive Surgicals), Ms. Maria Lazaro (MSN, Robotic OT Coordinator, AIMS). The workshop covered all the major aspects of robotic surgery. The participants had also got a golden opportunity to see and feel the da Vinci Xi system during the practical sessions.

A total of around 50 delegates from different parts of the country attended the program and the event came to an end with vote of thanks and certificate distribution to the delegates. All of the delegates commented that the conference was very fruitful for their future practice.


Training Champion’s and Skin Champion’s day CELEBRATION 2018

Nursing Services of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences conducted Training Champion’s and Skin Champion’s day Celebration on 07.11.2018, Wednesday. The programme started with prayer and offering pranams at the humble feet of AMMA.

Ms. Nija K.P (RN, Nursing Quality Division) welcomed the gathering. The keynote address was given by Bri. Sai Bala (Nursing Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences). She told how beautifully the small contributions offered by staff nurses become huge innovations and the nurturing power of nurses make them the backbone of healthcare sector. Dr. Sanjeev K. Singh (Medical Superintendent, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences) inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp and in the inaugural address he appreciated the nursing team for their excellent performance. Dr. Rajesh Pai (Additional Medical Superintendent, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences) officially announced the launch of Wound Care Certification Programme which will be initiated in January 2019. He congratulated the team for the achievement and wished all the success for the programme. The new online SIIN (Skin Integrity Issue Notification) form was launched by Bri. Sai Bala, the digital form was demonstrated with examples. Amrita Technologies was appreciated for their heartfelt efforts in developing the SIIN digital form. Dr. Apsaraj, Senior Business Analyst, received the token of love from the Nursing Director.

Mr. Ratheesh V. N. (Wound Care Nurse, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences) presented the voyage of wound care team from its launch in 2015 January, till date. He mentioned formation of skin integrity notification form, achievements in various paper presentations, implementation of Braden scale risk assessment and identification of high risk patients. The journey of training champions was presented by Mr. Jidhun P. (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences). He told the voyage of training champions is a highly successful one which started in 2014 July with 24 members which in 2018 is 55 in strength and appreciated the efforts of them in training the staff in the unit.

Dr. Valsaraj Menon (Additional Medical Superintendent, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences) felicitated the function and he congratulated all the nurses who are excelling as champions for their extraordinary efforts towards new beginnings. The awards were presented by him to the Best Training Champions and the Best Skin Care Champion. Ms. Chinnu Elizabath George from 2/0 Chemotherapy Day Care was awarded as the Best Training Champion. Ms. Nikhitha P.N. from 1/1 ICU and Ms. Sreedevi K. Gopi from 5/1 ICU were selected as best performers among training champions for their honourable performance. Ms. Bijula V.C. from B-pediatrics was selected as the Best Skin Champion. The champions presented a token of love to Bri. Sai Bala for her immense support and endless motivation in every step of success. She had also appreciated the industrial partners for their support. Cultural programs were performed by staff from various sections of Nursing Department. The program winded up with delivery of vote of thanks by Ms. Sreelekshmi (RN, Nursing Quality Division).



As part of the International Nurses’ Day, Nursing Services, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences conducted variety of competitions starting from April 2018 till 12th May 2018. On 12.05.2018 the valedictory program started with welcome speech by Kanakamma Sasi, Nurse Supervisor. The Chief Guest of the program was Swami Purnamritanandapuri, General Secretary, Mata Amritanandamayi Math. Swamiji inaugurated the function and talked about divine motherhood, love, divine thought and the power of woman. Bri.Sai Bala, Nursing Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences delivered the keynote address with the emphasis on the achievementsof Amrita Nursing Services for the last 20 years. Awards for achievementsand recognition of special traits to be applauded were announced by the Nursing Director after her keynote address. Total of 71 awards were distributed, among this 53 were individual awards. The awards were distributed by Swami Purnamritanandapuri, Dr. Valsaraj Menon, Additional Medical Superintendent, Dr. Vishal Marwaha, Principal, School of Medicine and Dr. Anand Kumar, HOD, Department of Neurology. Followed by the price distribution, Dr. Vishal Marwaha, Dr. Valsaraj Menon, Dr. Anand Kumar shared their insights and expectations about nursing professionals and Nursing Services at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. Dr. Vishal Marwaha specified the benefits of team work and delegation of work for the continuous improvement of an organisation. Sir said that nurses are the backbone of the health care system and advised the student nurses to be disciplined and to avoid arrogance, shared a memorable interaction with the nurses when he was a student of AFMC. Dr. Valsaraj Menon emphasized about the theme of World Nurses Day 2018 and stressed that nursing is the most trusted profession in the world. Sir also mentioned about the place of Kerala nurses worldwide and conveyed the message from Dr. Prem Nair, Medical Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. Dr. Anand Kumar narrated a story of repayment by Bill Gates to a newspaper boy, when he was the richest man in the world. Sir intended to say that there is no replacement for nurses in health care system and also mentioned about empathy neurons called Dalai Lama neurons (Amma Neurons) which is rarely seen in personalities like our founder H.H. Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. Dr. Anand Kumar ended the felicitation with a melodious song. The theme of Nurses’ Day 2018 “Nurses: A void to lead- Health is a human right” was presented by Prof (Dr.) Sunil Moothedath, Ms. Regina Antony and Ms. Nisha B.S, faculties, Amrita College of Nursing. Ms. Sudhadmaja, Assistant Nursing Officer, Nursing Services delivered the vote of thanks. The program ended with variety of cultural programs presented by staff and students of Amrita.






The Nursing Services of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences celebrated the Infusion Nurses’ Day and Annual Meet of IV Champions on February 21st 2018. The event started with lamp lighting ceremony. Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director lit the lamp for swiping out the darkness from minds by showering Amma’s spiritual light. Sr. Kanakamma, Nursing Supervisor gave a heartfelt welcome to the gathering. Bri. Sai Bala, revealed the activities and initiatives of the whole IV Team and the impact of it on the institution in her keynote address. The chief guest, Dr.Valsraj Menon and Bri. Sai Bala inaugurated the function in the presence of all the other dignitaries.

Awards are something special, if it’s a surprise it adds more colour to the function. Ms. Nisha U received award for best champion from Dr. Valsarj. Ms. Radhika Mohandas, Ms. Anisree C P, and Ms. Nisha U were appreciated for their good work by INS-India and BD medicals. Ms. Mary Petrishya, Ms. Anu Sukumar and Ms. Bino Pappachan from IV Team received best performers award. T1F1 ICU & T6F5 Ward was appreciated for their excellence showcased during the first half IV audit and T6F2 CCU for second half audit. B-Male Ward, T5F2 Ward and B-ECHS Ward were awarded for their best practices in IV cannulation and clinical indicated removal. Nursing Director Bri Sai Bala was rewarded by the IV team and PICC team for her sincere and constant support which made them successful. The winners of the Final Quiz competition were also rewarded during this function.

Data is of no use unless transformed as knowledge. During this IV Nurses day, Ms. Sowmya M N, Clinical Nurse Specialist shared all the studies which were presented in various conferences from the last 7 years. Mr. Vinod Babu, first member of PICC Team presented their voyage, the growth and goals all throughout the way. Ms. Radhika Mohandas, IV Team Coordinator, presented the glimpses of IV Team-2017. At last there were lots of enthusiastic games which made the occasion more colourful & memorable.




The Vascular Society of Kerala in association with Nursing Services of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences conducted a half day workshop for nurses (VSICON) on 17th September 2017 at Hotel Le Meridian Kochi . It covered an Overview of Arterial and Venous diseases, Basics of Diabetic Foot Care and other relevant topics in patient care. 58 nurses from various hospitals around the state attended the programme. Four skill stations were also arranged on application of compression bandages and stockings, four layer compression bandaging, diabetic foot care and assessment, wound dressing and VAC application. After the theory sessions, skill stations were started and the participants were divided into four groups. Each group were given 20 minutes for attending the skill stations. The programme finished at around 1.30pm and certificates were issued for the delegates.


Systems Oncology 2017 Nursing Track on 12th March 2017 at Holiday Inn, was organised as a part of the International Conference Systems Oncology 2017- Integrated Approaches to Understand and Cure Cancer. The program was hosted by Nursing Services and centre of excellence in cancer care of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences in association with Butterfly Cancer Care Foundation. The focus of the workshop was on the practical aspects related to cancer screening initiatives, advanced cancer treatment modalities and the ever- dynamic role of nurses in cancer care. A total of 60 delegates from in and out of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) participated in the event.

The workshop started with the lamp lighting by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital). She welcomed all the resource persons and delegates with her enthusiastic and inspiring words and reminded how a nurse could play the pivotal role in providing the comprehensive and integrated care for oncology patients.

The session began with a panel discussion regarding Early Detection and Awareness Campaigns for Cancer- Institutional Role which was moderated by Bri. Sai Bala. Participants were Mr. Gangadharan, HOD, Cancer Registry, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital), Kochi, Mrs. Prathepa Jagdish, Lecturer, TATA Memorial Hospital, Mrs. Kanakamma Sasi, Nursing Supervisor Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital), Kochi, Mrs. R. Gnanasundari, MSN, DNEA, Cancer Institute, Adyaar. All members discussed regarding the protocol prevalent and practised in their respective hospitals. The activities conducted as part of awareness and detection camps were presented by individual members.

The second session was on Cytotoxic Drugs: Handling, Preparation, Administration, Side effect Management and Waste disposal which was taken by Ms. Sreelekha R., Chief Nursing Officer, RCC, Trivandrum. She enumerated each and every trivial detail in the safe handling of cytotoxic agents and also explained the importance of personal protection measures for nurses as they are exposed to all the potential side effects of chemotherapeutic agents. Her session shed light towards the dangerous outcomes that would occur due to improper training and induction of oncology nurses.

The session on PICC Line Care and Maintenance by Mrs. Mary George (First PICC Line Nurse in India), Nursing Supervisor, TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai enumerated her success stories in PICC line care and described how she trained her colleagues capable enough to run a CVAD clinic without the assistance of a specialized physician. Her experiences in PICC line handling were truly inspiring and evoked a sense of enthusiasm for a new beginning.

Post lunch session started with presentation on Hormone Therapy and Biotherapy by Ms. Meera Achrekar, Professor and Assistant Nursing Superintendent, ACTREC, Mumbai. She explained the newer modality with utmost clarity and her presentation with demonstration videos were fruitful enough to generate knowledge among the budding oncology nurses. Many aspects of biotherapy were brought to light through her marvellous session. The session on Oncology Emergencies and Management: Hematologic, Metabolic, Treatment related Emergencies was dealt by three experts in the field of oncology. Treatment related emergencies including tumour lysis syndrome was discussed in detail by Ms. Gnanasundari, Haematological Emergencies by Ms.Kanakamma Sasi which was a brief account on the management of various complications associated with oncology patients. The metabolic emergencies were taken by Mrs. Smitha Shaju, Nurse In-charge, Oncology Ward, AIMS, which included emergency management of complications like spinal cord compression, superior venacava syndrome and cardiac tamponade.

The final topic to wind up was Neutropenic Care which was discussed by Mrs. Kavitha S. Nair, Nurse In Charge, BMTU, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital). The manifestations of neutropenic sepsis and its management was explained in detail with reference to common cases and patients who had undergone bone marrow transplant.

Demonstration session on PICC Line Dressing and Aftercare was conducted by the PICC Team members, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital), Kochi. Another stall was also arranged for exhibiting various types of PICC lines and devices associated with insertion, maintainence and after care of PICC line.

The workshop came to an end by certificate distribution to the resource persons and delegates and vote of thanks.


Every year January 25th is celebrated as Infusion Nurses Day in world wide; a venture that recognizes infusion nurses around the world who is privileged for initiation, maintenance of infusion therapy and management of complications. It is thus, their outstanding care to attain safe lines and save patients.

The department of Nursing Services of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) celebrated IV Nurses Day on 8th February 2017. The official program began with lighting the lamp, to illuminate the minds and thus enlighten the knowledge. The lamp lighting ceremony was done by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital). A delightful warm welcome address was given by Ms. Anisree C.P, RN, SDC, AIMS. The chief guest for the day was Dr. Ganapathy Rao, Consultant and Professor, General Medicine Department, Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital). The inauguration was done by Bri. Sai Bala, Dr. Ganapathy Rao and Dr. Sanjeev K Singh. The dedication of nursing department was the key points of inaugural address by Dr. Ganapathy Rao from his personal experience with nurses that touched his life. He appreciated everybody from the bottom of his heart. An inspiring and motivational keynote address was delivered by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director. Madam also revealed the achievements and future plans of the IV team. Dr. Sanjeev Singh, Medical Superintendent, felicitated the gathering, In his perspective he is very eager to hear success of nursing as he sees day by day the wings of nursing extending to areas other than only bedside nursing.

“IV Nurses: Outstanding Skills. Outstanding Care" ,the theme for the day was unveiled by Bri. Sai Bala. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) IV team and PICC team are growing and achieving greater heights. The milestones and achievements of IV team were discussed by Ms. Radhika, RN, Nursing Quality division. The badging ceremony for both IV champions and PICC team members was also done. The IV champions were appreciated for their contribution. Ms. Divya L.D, PICC team member put forwarded the activities and achievements of PICC team. IV cannulation is a common procedure but keeping a line more than ninety six hours is something different. Ms. Sowmya M.N, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) shared the excellent units in maintaining IV cannula more than 96 hours without complications. Ms. Mary Petrishya Jose, RN, shared a case scenario of extravasation happened in 2015. She also revealed the lessons learned and changes they had made for better outcome. The next main glance of the function was the official inauguration of peripheral IV record in AHIS. The launching was done by Bri. Sai Bala and Dr. Apsaraj P.R, Sr. Business Analyst, Amrita Technologies, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital).

The next event was prize distribution for the winners of various competitions. The winners of poster competition received prizes from Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital). Ms. Pushpalatha, ANO, Amrita Institute Of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) gave prizes for the winners of quiz competition. Ms. Sreevidhya J. was the best IV champion for the year 2016. She received a token of appreciation from Bri. Sai Bala.

The token of gratitude to the entire gathering was given by Ms. Jeenu K. M., CNS, Nursing Quality Division. The official programme came to an end with National Anthem, every one departed with a promise to commit for excellence in infusion care and enthusiasm for the same.

SAMYOG (December 08 - 10, 2016)

SAMYOG - a National Consensus on Guidelines for Prevention & Management of Hospital Acquired Skin Injuries & Chronic Wounds was conducted on 8th, 9th and 10th of December 2016 by Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kerala in association with 3M- India. This 3 days consensus is designed to facilitate learning, share innovations, and promote new ideas, most importantly to interact with national level nurse leaders in the field of health care safety and quality, to standardize the guidelines for Hospital Acquired Skin Injuries & Chronic Wounds.

The official inauguration of the event was done with lamp lighting and welcome address by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. The gathering was felicitated by Ms. Radhika Anne, Divisional Manager, 3M.

The second day started with the scientific sessions and consensus statement reviews. The session on Essentials of Preserving Skin Integrity was dealt by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, followed by Hospital Aquired Skin Injuries - AIMS Experience by Mr. Ratheesh V. N., WCN, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury - An Overview by Ms Ajitha P.S., CNO, Meitra Hospitals.

Post tea sessions started with consensus statement reviews of MARSI, IAD and skin tears and scientific sessions on these topics by the experts. The final day started with the sessions on HAPU and DPU. The review of the 2016 NPUAP/EUPAP guideline was also done by the experts. There was a small exhibit of the various devices and gadgets in the prevention and management of skin injuries by team 3M.

A new venture of starting a wound care certification programme was also discussed and syllabus validation of the same was done. A total of 35 nurse leaders from various hospitals participated in the event and provided their valuable suggestions in the consensus statement reviews.

Diabetes Day Celebration on November 14, 2016

As part of World Diabetes Day 2016, the Nursing Services, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) organized Diabetes Day celebration on November 14, 2016, Monday, from 10 am – 1pm at Amriteshwari Hall. The programme started with lamp lighting by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director and welcome speech by Ms. Deepthy L., RN, Amrita Hospital. 

Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director, started the keynote address with an inspirational thought about the positive attitude towards job and the role of nurses in the comprehensive management of patients with diabetes.

Dr. Harish Kumar, Professor and Head of the Department of Endocrinology delivered address regarding diabetes management and the lifestyle of general population as a whole especially in children. The fast food and over-caring parents are the two factors which can predispose the children more prone to diabetes, which we can purely control with awareness programmes.

Dr. Harish Kumar unveiled the theme of World Diabetes Day 2016 - “EYES ON DIABETES”. The theme concentrates on the screening of diabetes and followup of patients with diabetes and high risk groups. He focused on self discipline of patients with diabetes and the tremendous increase in the integers of diabetes.

A quiz programme was conducted for staff nurses as a part of the celebration, 22 groups participated in the preliminary quiz competition and five groups were selected for the final competition. The group from B-pediatrics got the first prize, B- female got second prize and group from labour room won the third prize. The team from T4F4 ward and infection control shared the consolation prize. The prize distribution was done by Dr. Harish Kumar.

Badging for the champions was done by Bri. Sai Bala and appreciation for the performance of champions were given by Dr. Harish Kumar. 

The function concluded with vote of thanks by Ms. Divya I., Clinical Nurse Specialist, SDC by conveying the gratitude to all the chief guests, members of nursing family, audio-video team, event management, dietary department, diabetes management champions, SDC and NQD for their support and participation.  


Training Champion’s Day Celebration on November 09, 2016

Nursing Services, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) celebrated Training Champion’s day on November 09, 2016 from 10 am to 1.30 pm at Amriteswari Hall. Training champions are the representative Registered Nurses from ward & ICUs for staff training & development.

The celebration started at 10am with prayer.  Ms. Chinnu Elizabath George, RN, Training Champion of T2F0 chemo unit welcomed the gathering. Bri. Sai Bala (PGDHM, MSN), Nursing Director, delivered keynote address on training champion’s involvement in staff development activities in collaboration with SDC-AIMS. Training Champion’s day official inauguration and lamp-lighting was done by Prof. M. V. Thampi, Head of the Department of Human Cytogentics, Amrita Hospital, the Chief Program Administrator of Allied Health Sciences and the Deputy Controller of Examination, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. He conquered the nurses’ heart by his inspiring & motivating inaugural address. Dr. Beena Ravi Kumar, Senior Medical Adminstrator, Amrita Hospital felicitated the occasion by expressing her expectation on training champions contribution towards staff development in future. Ms. Kavitha K. C. (MSN), Clinical Nurse Specialist, SDC-AIMS shared the success story of training champions’ journey from July 01, 2014 to October 31, 2016.  The most awaited moment of this special day was the badging ceremony for the training champions & was performed by Prof. M. V. Thampi & Bri. Sai Bala. A total of 46 training champions from different wards & ICUs, received badge and appreciation on the auspicious occasion.

The training champions conducted spot quiz in entire patient care units and 136 registered nurses attended the same. Ms. Gowrikutty (ER), Ms. Prabitha M. Lalan (T6F5 ward) Ms. Sharanya Raveendran (ER) shared first prize in spot quiz competition out of 136 participants.

The celebrations ended with various cultural programs by training champions and registered nurses. Ms. Lakshmi Priya Ravi Nedumpillil (MSN) Clinical Nurse Specialist, SDC-AIMS extended the vote of thanks to each and every member who contributed towards this function.


The 6th International Congress on Patient Safety – October 21 - 22, 2016, Chennai

The 6th International Congress on Patient Safety was organized by Apollo with JCI, ISQua, NABH, RCP, WISH, ISA, CII, FICCI and many others as knowledge partners during October 21 - 22, 2016 at Chennai. The aim of the congress was to spread the benefits of ‘Patient Safety’ throughout the country.  Many experts across the world participated in it to share their knowledge and experience. The well-knit programme covered presentations, panel discussions, poster presentation, patient safety awards and display of the most widely accepted Patient Safety tools.

Dr. Sanjeev K. Singh, Senior Medical Administrator, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital); Kochi was one of the panellists on the topic ‘Patient Safety vs. Patient Satisfaction’ where he proved through his discussion that the Patient Satisfaction is equally important as Patient Safety.

Dr. Beena Ravi Kumar, Senior Medical Administrator & Public Health Consultant was one of the eminent speakers, where she presented her work titled ‘Impact of Sepsis Management Project on Rational Use of Antibiotics in Presumed and Probable Neonatal Sepsis- a Retrospective Comparative Study’  under the main  topic ‘Patient Safety in Public Sector’.

Bri. Sai Bala M., Nursing Director, MSN was one of the panelists on the topic ‘The Nursing Masterclass’ where she shared her story in nursing and experiences that motivated novice nurses.

As part of the conference, call for abstracts and presentations were planned. Out of 50 papers received from various parts of the world, two papers from Amrita was selected for oral presentation. Ms. Anju P. Thampi, Clinical Nurse Specialist, MSN, Amrita Hospital presented her study titled, ‘High Risk Identification and Care Given Education - a strategy to prevent pressure ulcer’ in the paper presentation category.

Ms. Lakshmi Priya Ravi Nedumpillil, Clinical Nurse Specialist, MSN, Amrita Hospital received the Second Runner Up position in paper presentation on the topic ‘Effectiveness of IV Cannulation Training with Simulation and its Impact’.

International Infection Prevention Week Celebration 2016

Dates: October 16 - 22, 2016

Each year, the third week of October is dedicated to infection prevention and control, and celebrated as Infection Prevention Week across the nations.

The Department of Infection Control, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences celebrated Infection Prevention Week 2016 from October 16 – 22. As a part of the celebrations, pledge boards were placed in different areas of hospital and as an awareness, poster regarding the importance of week was displayed in the hospital intranet. Different competitions were also conducted including quiz competition and poster competition and a hands-on demonstration of infection prevention practices was also arranged. Preliminary quiz competition was attended by 20 groups on 17.10.2016 and among them 5 groups were selected for final competition.

The main function of Infection Prevention Week celebration was on 18.10.2016. The ceremony started at 9:30 AM with lamp lighting by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director followed by welcome address by Ms. Reshma Chandran (MSN). Inaugural address was delivered by Bri. Sai Bala and she explained the role of infection control link nurses to improve the infection control practices. The theme of the year “Break the chain of infection” was opened by Dr. V. Anil Kumar. Dr. Sadia Khan delivered the pledge and together everyone promised to set an example for other collegues by taking the right steps to prevent infections to keep the patients safe. As a part of entertainment some interesting games like riddles and tongue twisters were also conducted. All participants enjoyed a lot and prizes were distributed to the winners. Final quiz competition with emphasis on infection control, was conducted among selected 5 groups.

On 19/10/16 and 22/10/16 hands-on demonstration was conducted in most of the areas and sessions regarding the importance of hand washing in the healthcare setting to all staff and students. Schulke India partnered with us as knowledge experts for the entire programme.

Best posters were selected according to the theme and preset criteria and best units were selected according to the infection control practices following there which is observed during daily audits.

Winners of competition

 Poster  T2F0 Chemotherapy (1st Prize)
 Ortho Neuro ICU (2nd Prize)
 CVTS ICU and T5F4 ICU (Special mention)
 Quiz  Surgical Recovery ICU ( Ms.Remya & Ms. Divya)(1st Prize)
 Surgical Recovery ICU (Ms. Reshma &Ms. Chinjumol)(2nd prize)
 Transplant ICU (Ms. Shijimol & Ms. Shanu) (3rd Prize)
 Best Infection Control Practice Units  Adult CVTS (ICU)
 T6F5 (ward)
 Neuro OT (OT)
 BMT Unit (High Risk Area)






Annual Conference of Paediatric Cardiac Society of India 2016

The Annual Conference of Paediatric Cardiac Society of India had a nursing track this year. It was organized by Children's Heart Link in association with PCSI and was held in Bangalore at Hotel Lalit Ashok during September 30 – October 02, 2016.

The theme of conference was “Tracking Back to Transform Outcomes”. Near-ly 140 participants both from in and out of India attended the conference.

Bri. Sai Bala, (Nursing Director, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Mem-ber of Scientific Committee, PCSI) delivered an impressive talk on 'Quality measures and using data to improve practice - Hospital-wide QI initiatives'. She interacted with the participants as well during the session.

Mr. Vaisakh G., Clinical Nurse Specialist, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences was an invited speaker and dealt with implementation of new VAP guideline in paediatric cardiology ICU. He also talked on how to sustain the change after implementation.

Paper submitted by Ms. Jeenu K. M., Clinical Nurse Specialist, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences on 'Continuity of Nursing Care in Paediatric CVTS ICU' was selected for oral presentation out of about 30 abstracts submitted and had bagged IInd prize among various paper presentation from all over India.

Mrs. Sudhadmaja P. P. (ANO), Mrs. Jolly Joseph (ANO), Mrs. Beena (Nursing Supervisor), Ms. Lakshmipriya Ravi Nedumpallil (CNS) were also the delegates from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi.

International Seminar on Nursing Leadership

Dates: 08.09.2016

Institute of Health and Management along with Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) organised the International Seminar on Nursing Leadership on 08.09.2016 at Vigyan Mandhir, Amrita Hospital Kochi. Delegates were nurse leaders from various reputed hospitals. One day seminar included thought enhancing panel discussions, active discussions and sharing experiences.

Mr. Michael Goodall, RN, Director Holroyd Hospital, Australia during his session on Leadership & Management said, “My analogy is simple for nursing management; I encourage the same values I have with family in nursing - trust, honesty, integrity and communication.” He also discussed strategies to develop a positive team. The panel discussion on the topic “Quality Nursing Care Challenges & Way Forward” chaired by Bri. Sai Bala Nursing Director, AIMS Kochi, discussed the various challenges faced in India and Australia. The other panel members were Dr. Beena, Senior Medical Administrator, Public Health Consultant, AIMS Kochi;  Mr. Jeril Cherian, Principal Institute of Health and Management; Mr. Michael Goodall, Director Holroyd Hospital, Australia and Ms. Teagan Green, Clinical Placement Manager, Ballarat Health Services, Australia. Ms. Teagan Green, Clinical Placement Manager, Ballarat Health Services in her session on 'Evidence-based Nursing Practices in Health for Future Employment Outlook’ shared her experience - how a small video about duties of the health care professionals in an ER improved the cooperation from patient relatives.

Bri. Sai Bala M., Nursing Director, Amrita Hospital in her session “Nurse Leaders for Tomorrow” shared eleven lessons in successful leadership and also explained that functional & technical expertise and effective execution are the key factors in leading the organisation. She motivated the nursing group through her positive attitude and reality-oriented presentation. A total of 39 delegates including 9 from Australia and rest from India participated in the seminar and the event concluded with vote of thanks.



State Level Conference on Best Infusion Practices & Patient Safety
INS-India, Central Zone Chapter

Dates: 20.08.2016

INS-India, Central Zone Chapter along with Lourdes Hospital, Cochin organized a State level Conference on Best Infusion Practices & Patient Safety on August 20, 2016. Ninety-five delegates from different esteemed institutions in and around Cochin attended the conference.

Mrs. Lakshmi Priya Ravi Nedumpillil MSN, Clinical Nurse Specialist Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences opened the scientific sessions by sharing the journey of Infusion Nurses Society of India followed by the session on ‘Infusion Nurses and Quality Improvement’.

The session on ‘Infusion Related Complications’ was dealt by Prof. Simple Rajagopal, Vice Principal, Sidhisadan College of Nursing followed by hands-on training sessions on PICC line insertion and best practices in IV cannulation by Mrs. Kanakamma Sasi, Nursing Supervisor and Mr. Vinod R.N. from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and other eminent resourse persons from this field.

The program ended up with valedictory function presided by Rev. Fr. Shaiju Thoppil, Associate Director, Lourdes Hospital. Father distributed certificates for the participants.

INS India– Kerala Central Zone Chapter
UDHYAN - 1st IV Nurse Leaders’ Summit 2016
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences - Kochi
7TH MAY 2016

- IV Nurse Leaders’ Summit 2016 held at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, is the first event organized by INS India– Central Zone chapter. It marked the beginning of new cycle of events by INS India – Central Zone chapter. The summit brought together 27 Nurse Leaders from various hospitals in and around Kochi.

The one day event was opened by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director, Gov-erning Council Member and Member of Policy & Education Committee INS-India. By welcoming the gathering she shared the journey of INS – India and the launch of INS India – Central Zone chapter.

Dr. Beena, Senior Administrator and Consultant in Public Health, in her inaugural address appreciated the effort put forward by INS India in set-ting the bench marks in standards of Nursing. She stressed that Nursing is an integral part in NABH.

Mr. Sivaramakrishnan, in his motivational talk ‘looking life differently’ discussed what is life, how to live happily and how to improve job envi-ronment. All the delegates found it interesting and interactive.

Plenary session started with the session on Becoming a Change Agent by Bri. Sai Bala, explained how she evolved as a leader and the challenges faced by her as a change agent.

Mrs. Sowmya M. N., Clinical Nurse Specialist Amrita Hospital, detailed how to make and work as a team in Quality and importance of Audits. She also explained the activities undertaken by Nursing Quality Division in Amrita.

Dr. Sanjeev K. Singh, Medical Superintendent – Amrita Hospital through his stress free hands on session made the most complicated quality im-provement tools very palatable and easy for everyone to use it their re-spective clinical settings.

Dr. Vasudev, BD India Ltd in his session on EPINET – a tool to standard-ize the NSI reporting talked how to effective is Epinet and how it can re-duce the workload of ICNs in auditing and data analysis.

The afternoon was dedicated in interactive sessions such as IV complica-tions – as a Quality Indicator, reporting and analysis by Sr. Berthlomea, Nursing Superintendent, Lourdes Hospital. The participants were divided in small groups to discuss. It was followed by the session How happy are you as a Nurse Leader by Bri. Sai Bala, where she stressed on how to utilize opportunities and distributed self assessment questionnaires to assess the physical health, emotional health, personal well being, family health wellness, work place wellness, social health assessment and dhar-mic standards.

Bri. Sai Bala wrapped up by appreciating the effort put by everyone to organize and attend the session and wished everyone a better and happy life, and invited all for the second event of INS India- Central Zone, Kochi city chapter to be held in July 2016 at Lourde's Hospital, Kochi.



Nurses’ Day – 2016

Every year May 12th is celebrated as International Nurses day. The theme of the year is “Nurses A Force for change - Improving Health System Resilience”.The Nursing Services at Amrita Institute planned to Celebrate Nursing through out the month of May this year. The activites include indoor & outdoor games, cultural and fine arts competitions to provide a platform for the nurses to express their talents. A continuing Nursing Education series stretching throughout 2016 named“Njanamrutham” also makes its begining this month .This includes workshops on specific topics integrating learning experiences of many expert nurses.

The opening ceremony of Nurses Month 2016 was inaugurated by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing director, Amrita Hospital, by lighting the lamp in the presence of Dr. Sanjeev K Singh, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Beena Head of Department of Public Health on 06th of May.2016,In her address she expalined that nursing Services at Amrita Hospital has a vision of celebrating the real essence of nursing every single day and outlined programs planned towards the same.Dr Sanjeev K Singh and Dr Beena appreciated the efforts of the nursing team towards quality care. Mr. Parameswaran Nair Asia Pacific Business Head for 3M Health Care joined in applauding the collaborative efforts of the company and Nursing services Amrita Hospital directed towards improvement of health care in the country.

All Nursing officers, supervisors, Head nurses of each unit, members of staff development, nursing quality and infection control and staff representatives attended the function. The programmes embarked  with an educational session on 7th of May for Nurse leaders in tha city in collaboration with INS India Kochi City chapter followed by competitions starting from 10th of May.

The glimpses of the celebrations are given below






Dates: 27-01-2016 to 01-02-2016

MEIOSIS, a Medical Exhibition and Information on Safe Infusion Services, was a joint effort by the representatives of BD India along with the representatives of IV team members, Nursing Quality Division and Staff  Development Center of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital). It was begun on 27/01/2016 at 3.00pm after lighting the lamp by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director, Amrita Hospital and Mr. Bilesh K Raj Branch Manager, BD and extended till 01/02/2016 . The aim of the program was to provide comprehensive coverage in the field of vascular access, with main focus on the issues that are most relevant in daily clinical practice and also to provide the nurses with a broader experience in assessment, care and understanding of IV cannulation.

The Objectives of the Program were:

  • To discuss and demonstrate best practices in cannula insertion techniques.
  • To discuss and demonstrate best practices in cannula maintenance, flushing techniques, antibiotic administration, etc.
  • To train nurses on identifying and grading common IV complications and difference between various IV therapy complications.
  • To train to understand management of local IV therapy complications.

MEIOSIS comprises of 5 exhibition stalls and 2 workstations:

Stalls Topic
I IV Model and Anatomical Considerations
II IV Cannulation technique –Best practice
III Practice Considerations
IV Managing and Tracking Complications
V New Technologies for patient and HCW safety
1, 2 OSCE

A total of 840 RNs and Nursing students of Amrita Hospital attended this programme. In addition to the above listed members, Nursing supervisors, Nurse in charges and Nursing Assistants also attended the event. In the post programme evaluation 90% of the participants responded that IV MEIOSIS was a good learning experience for them.





sanjay Dates: 27-01-2016 to 01-02-2016

Every year January 25th is celebrated as Infusion Nurses Day; an event that recognizes infusion nurses around the world who is privileged for initiation, maintenance of infusion therapy and management of its complications. It is thus, their passion to attain safe lines and save patients.

On December 4th IV team members decided to celebrate IV nurses day on 27/01/2016. From that day onwards the wheels started running. On January 2nd Preliminary Quiz competition was conducted for 19 groups (2 participants in a group) out of which 5 groups were selected and the final quiz competition was conducted on 11/01/2016. The team T3F5 ward bagged the first position, team T5F4 MICU bagged the second and team T3F3 ward secured third position in the final quiz competition.

Another competition that has added more colour to the event was the poster competition. A total of 22 posters from different units were received. Posters were evaluated by the experts and when the secret was revealed T2F0 chemotherapy unit got the first position, T5F4 MICU in second, and T5F1 ICU holding third position.

The next unique contest was “MY IV STORY” (experiences of nurses on infusion therapy) written in either Malayalam or English. A total of 16 fabulous stories were received. Ms. Chinnu Elizabeth George (T2F0 Chemo therapy unit) occupied the first position, Ms. Renjini S (T3F4 ward) in second position and Mr. Akhilesh Raj T N (Nursing Quality Division) secured third position in this creative contest.

27th January, 2016 was a day, sun had risen, with a festive atmosphere here at Amrita Hospital; a day of celebration The event began with lighting the lamp symbolizing the evacuation of darkness from mind, then followed by a delightful warm welcome address by Mrs. Vishalakshi, Deputy Nursing Officer, Amrita Hospital. The chief guest for the day was Dr. Beena, Consultant of Public Health & Medical Administration had given an inspiring message on the theme “Infusing Care is Our Passion”.  Bri.Sai Bala, Nursing Director of Amrita Hospital in her key note address shared the activities of PICC line team  and also appreciated the IV team members for their relentless effort in making changes in practices, resulting in better patient outcome. The inauguration was done by Bri. Sai Bala , Dr. Neeraj Sidharthan, Dr. Jerry Paul, Mr. Bilesh, and Mr. Samboorna.

Dr. Neeraj Sidharthan took privilege to felicitate the gathering and official announcement of PICC line team and also acknowledged the spirit of nursing team and shared his experience, where a nurse’s observation had saved a patient. Prize distribution was done by Dr. Jerry Paul, Dr. Neeraj Sidharthan and Bri. Sai Bala for the winners of the competitions. The guests are honured with memento as a token of gratitude by Bri. Sai Bala.

Mrs. Kanakamma Sasi, Nursing Supervisor through her passionate and emotional presentation elaborated the theme. An overview on incidence of Peripheral IV cannulation and complications of different units were done by Mr. Akhilesh Raj T N, RN, Nursing Quality Division.  The best practices in IV Cannulation & infusion therapy at Amrita Hospital, was shared by Ms. Jiji J (B Male ward). The milestones and achievements of IV team were discussed by Ms. Radhika Mohandas, RN, Nursing Quality Division. The part played by the industrial friends towards knowledge sharing and an effort to empower nurses was acknowledged and appreciated by the nursing team of Amrita Hospital, through a personal note. Nurses used this opportunity to showcase their talent in music through performances  which added more flavor to the function. The token of gratitude to the entire gathering was given by Ms. Jeenu K M, CNS, Nursing Quality Division. The waves soon stood still and the official programme came to an end at 1.15pm with National Anthem.









Diabetes Day Celebration

Dates: 06-11-2015

As part of World Diabetes Day, the Nursing Services of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (Amrita Hospital) organized diabetes day celebration on 6.11.2015. The theme of World Diabetes Day 2015 was “Healthy Life Starts from a Healthy Breakfast.” Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director of Amrita Hospital in her key note address described the journey of the champions from 2013 to 2015 and their activities. She also emphasised the need of healthy break fast for a healthy living for all health care professionals. The chief guest of the programme was Dr. Vidhya B Menon, Medical Administrator; Associate Professor (Internal Medicine) in her address focused on the importance of healthy breakfast for reducing the occurrence and severity of life style diseases and expressed her hearty congratulations to the Nursing Service and the champions for their activities and the new initiatives. Dr. Harish Kumar, HOD, Endocrinology department talked about diabetic care and healthy breakfast and emphasized the practical implementation of comprehensive care for the patients with Diabetes by the health care team. Dr. Usha Menon, Associate Professor, Department of Endocrinology took a session on the theme. She talked about the importance of breakfast in day to day life both for the adults and children and also deliberated on the positive changes in patient care, after the champions had started working. She commented that she felt very happy when a nurse apparently shared small concerns regarding patients and that it made quite a difference not only in the patient’s but also the health care team's attitude towards nurses.

Best performers from the Diabetes Management Champions were selected and poster and quiz competition were conducted as part of the celebration.

The best performer award for diabetic champions was shared by Ms. Chithira T. K (ERICU) and Ms. Syama M (Annex female ward). The prizes for quiz competition were distributed by Bri. Sai Bala, Nursing Director. The first prize was for the team IMCU, 2nd prize for team BMT and 3rd prize for team T4F4 Ward. The prize distribution for poster competition was done by Dr. Hareesh Kumar, HOD, Endocrinology Department. The first was bagged by T1F1 ICU, second Prize by Casualty and 3rd prize by T5F5 Ward and had special prize for the team from PICU for their good presentation.




NIRMAN – Building the future, National Working Group on Nursing Quality
Indicators for Paediatric Cardiac Nursing Care

Dates: July 03 – 04, 2015

NIRMAN – Building the future, National Working group on Nursing Quality Indica-tors for Paediatric Cardiac Nursing Care held at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi is an important milestone in the history of Nursing in India. It was the first of its kind on paediatric nursing in the country and is a beginning towards building the future of excellent nursing care in this field.

Bri Sai Bala, Nursing Director welcomed the gathering and shared her vision for the discussion. She also conveyed that the main aim was to create a platform for dialogue between the centres of excellence in Paediatric Cardiac Care to decide upon 2-3 key performance indicators sensitive to nursing.

On the opening address Dr. Mahesh.K, Clinical Professor, Dept of Paediatric Cardiology; Amrita Hospital mentioned that maintaining quality in a limited resource environment is the major challenge faced by Nurses currently.

Consultant and Clinical Asst. Professor Dr. Vidhya B Menon specially appreciated the Nursing fraternity as ‘Nurses are the backbones of QI’ and also mentioned, Quality in a unit can be achieved only through team work.

Dr. Rakhi. B., Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology, Amrita Hospital shared her experi-ence with quality improvement project and IQIC.

Dr. R. Krishna Kumar Prof & Head, Dept of Paediatric Cardiology, Amrita Hospital, in his plenary session focused on implementation and sustenance of QI and stressed the importance of Team work and communication especially during ICU transfer & handover.

Ms. Bistra Zheleva, Vice President –Children’s Heart Link in her webinar session en-riched the delegates through explaining about the PDSA Cycle, the Critical factors for QI success and few examples of Nursing led QI and also happily informed about the CHL (Child Heart Link)s Paediatric project & BCHs IQIC.

Ms. Lisa McCabe, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Heart Centre, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, and Palo Alto, California in her webinar explained about the vari-ous Quality Improvement Methods for Nurses on the second day of the event. Dr. Sanjeev K Singh, Medical Superintendent, Amrita Hospital through his stress free hands on session made the most complicated quality improvement tools very palatable and easy for everyone to use it their respective clinical settings.

Bri Sai Bala, on her plenary session on Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators delivered a talk about the various types of Nursing Quality Indicators (its structure, process and outcome), how to define them and implement it in clinical setting. The discussion con-tinued to put these concepts into a structured framework, to enhance standardisation of the same.

Many Nurse Quality leaders from various part of country shared their Quality improvement inspiring success stories which were an open forum for discussion. A total of 22 nurses and leaders participated in the discussion and arrived at deciding work on 6 relevant Quality improvement indicators related to paediatric cardiac nurs-ing care. As a result of an interactive and effective working group participation, Dr K.Krishna Kumar, President of PCSI offered to allow a half day collaborative Quality improvement discussion during the upcoming annual conference and also offered to support for a one day nursing track during the event.

On the winding up session Bri Sai Bala dealt about the parameters of Quality in-dicators and the things to be stressed and avoided while doing Quality improvement techniques and with that the Nursing working group officially winded up the event successfully by achieving the goal of identifying Paediatric Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators such as IV Complications especially Phlebitis, Nursing Turnover, Nurse Empowerment, Patient satisfaction and continuity of care. The event came to an end by taking decision to monitor these factors in the respective organizations and promised to come back with more success stories in the next year.