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The Pharmacy Department of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center is the best Hospital Pharmacy in Kerala and one amongst the top ten in India. The staff strength of Amrita Pharmacy is 170, out of which 80 are Pharmacists. We have In Patient Pharmacy, Out Patient Pharmacy, Pharmacy Main Store and Satellite Pharmacies spread over 25 locations in the hospital. IP Pharmacy caters to more than 1250 patients, whereas OP Pharmacy caters to the services of around 2300 patients daily.

The pharmacy is dedicated to extend the benefit to all those involved in patient care. To ensure quality, the pharmacy department has taken steps for quality testing of drugs dispensed in the pharmacy. A certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is required from all pharmaceutical suppliers.

Our Vision

To Be The Ultimate in Pharmaceutical Care

Our Mission

Aim to be a destination for compassionate and quality pharmaceutical services through a well-trained and motivated team and collaborators in a patient friendly and customer focused atmosphere.


  • 24hrs Hospital Pharmacy
  • Home Delivery/Courier Services
  • Credit cards accepted
  • RTGS money transfer
  • 24 hrs help line:- 9400998624

Important Phone Numbers

1. Company Appointments
Ph No: 0484 - 2853802
2. Medicine Related Queries
Ph No: 9400998624

3. Home Delivery/Courier
Ph No: 0484 - 2858483, 2858482
Ph No: 0484 - 2848379, 9400998623

Unique Pharmacy Services

Courier Services:

Patients can receive their medicines through courier any where in Kerala. They can pay the amount through RTGS facility.

For RTGS facility,
RTGS Code - DLXB 0000 155
Responding Branch – EDAPPALLY(AIMS) Dhanalaxmi bank
Account Name - AEPL A/c
Account no.0155 053 000 00 822

Home Delivery:

We deliver medicines to patients in their home who are residing within 10 kilometers radius from our hospital against cash payment.

Hot line Services :

We ensure the availability of rare life saving drugs through Pharmacy hotline services. Patients can receive medicines within a short period of time through this service.

Drug Bank :

Under privileged patients can receive free medicine through Drug bank in the Amrita Pharmacy.

24 Hours Pharmacy :

24 hrs Amrita Pharmacy is one of the largest 24 hrs hospital Pharmacy in Kerala. It ensures the availability of all types of life saving drugs. Patients can directly approach to the 24hrs Pharmacy.

Pharmacy retail outlets :

Each specialty departments has separate pharmacy billing counters and medicine counters for the convenience of the patients.

Staff Development Programmes

The Human Resources Department of Amrita Pharmacy offers the best training by exposing the staff to the best operational practices at our different facilities.

On-The-Job Training

The training programme aims at increasing employees' competency in rapport building, communication skills, counseling skills, stress management, counter etiquettes, telephone manners, customer care and problem solving conducted by experts in various fields from within the organisation.

More Information

Pharmacy Hot line
Availability of specialty & life saving drugs within short period of time on request.

Home Delivery/Courier Services
Medicines are available through Courier services anywhere in Kerala. Home delivery within the city of Kochi, less than 10 km radius from our hospital.

Credit cards
Pharmacy accept all types* of credit cards.

RTGS money transfer
Patients can pay the amount of medicines through bank and receive the medicines through courier.

24 hrs help line
Patients can enquire about the availability of medicines Contact no: 9400998624/9400998621.

GMP Certifications
Quality drugs from certified companies.

Drug Bank
Free supply of medicines to economically weaker patients.

Important Phone Numbers

Patient care and Customer service - 940 09 98 624

Home delivery and Courier service – 0484 - 2858483 / 2858482

24hrs help line - 940 09 98 624

Complaints – 0484 285 1234 # 8447, 940 09 98 624


*only selected pharmacy counters

1. In case of emergency where should we get the information about the life saving drugs?

Patients can collect the information about the life saving drugs clinical pharmacy department.

2. Is it available round the clock?

IP Pharmacy and 24hrs OP Pharmacy is opened round the clock all days. Out patients can collect the medicines from 24hrs Pharmacy at any time. Amrita Pharmacy ensures the availability of most of the life saving drugs.

3. Whether the patients from outside can also get the medicines form Amrita Pharmacy?

Patients from outside can also collect medicines through 24hrs Pharmacy.

4. How can we get the medicines to our home from Amrita Pharmacy?

Patients can receive their medicine through courier anywhere Kerala. They can pay amout through RTGS facility. We deliver medicines to patients in their home who are residing within 10 kilometers radius from our hospital.

5. Which are the important Phone numbers in the Amrita Pharmacy?

Important Phone numbers related to Amrita Pharmacy are:

Patient care and Customer service : 9400998624

Home Delivery and courier service : 0484 - 2858483 / 2858482

24hrs help line : 9400998624

Complaints : 0484 2801234 # 8447, 9400998624


New Job Openings at Pharmacy

Apply with Resume and Covering Letter to :
Email :
Contact : 9400998623, 0484 2858379

  • Audit In-Charge
  • Executive (PR & Marketing)
  • Pharmacist
  • Senior Pharmacist