Gold nasal stud removed from the lungs using a novel endoscopic technique

The Interventional Pulmonology Team at Amrita Hospital, Kochi successfully removed a gold nasal stud (Mookuthi) from the lungs of a 21-year-old lady from Palarivattom. The stud reached the lungs inadvertently while she was sneezing. Initially she thought she had swallowed it into her stomach. For confirmation a chest x-ray was taken from a nearby hospital, which showed aspirated gold stud in lowest part of her right lungs. Generally a keyhole surgery of lungs is done at many hospitals to retrieve any sharp objects which get trapped in lower part of lungs.

gold nasal stud removed from the lungs

In order to avoid a surgery, the patient consulted Dr. Tinku Joseph, Interventional Pulmonologist at Amrita Hospital, Kochi. He performed an endoscopic procedure using a newly designed hooked forceps which was guided through the endoscope into the lower lobe of patient's lung were the gold stud was located. After 2.5 hours of effort he managed to successfully retrieve the gold stud from lungs, thereby saved her from the trauma and the high cost of undergoing a surgery.

“When there is a foreign body in the lung, the lungs gets destroyed. When the lung gets destroyed, there could be pus formation, pneumonia and over a period of time it could cause irreparable damage," said Dr. Tinku Joseph. “Among people who are suffering from asthma and allergy, there is a high risk of aspiration of nasal piercings and studs if they are not worn properly. Also such objects can lead to persistent nasal irritation and sneezing among people who are suffering from allergy,” he added.