Dr. Meenakshi Y Dhar

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Clinical Professor / Consultant
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MS Ophthalmology, Delhi University

Dr. Meenakshi Y Dhar obtained her MS (postgraduate degree in Ophthalmology) from Guru Nanak Eye Centre [MAMC], Delhi University in 1991. She was trained in cataract, glaucoma & strabismus at Guru Nanak Eye Centre after her postgraduation for 7 years. She did observership at UCLA, Los Angles, USA in paediatric ophthalmology & squint, oculoplasty & refractive surgery in 1999. Later, she did observership at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK in paediatric ophthalmology in 2005. She won the Travel Trainee Fellowship of AIOS in 1994 and visited Sankara Netharalaya.

She initiated the Ophthalmology department at Amrita in 1999 with state of the art equipment and was heading it till 2007, when she passed the baton of leadership to her colleague. She started the community ophthalmology services at Amrita in 2001, being the first place to do phaco for camp patients.

She is an excellent Phacosurgeon with over 27 years of experience in managing all types of cataract, including subluxated lenses, paediatric and congenital cataracts. She is proficient in complex situations with non dilating pupils, coexistent glaucoma etc. She implants all types of premium IOLs-toric, multifocal and glue fixated IOLs.

She is a well known Glaucoma Specialist of Kerala with over 25 years of experience. She has expertise in managing adult, developmental and congenital glaucoma with lasers, medically & surgery. Phacotrabeculectomy with IOL is her forte. She has special interest in OCT & visual fields in glaucoma and has been involved in research projects on them

She has been managing comitant, restrictive and paralytic squints in young and old for over 27 years. She is the squint surgeon at Amrita since its inception. She runs the paediatric ophthalmology services and is trained in all types of childhood ocular problems like squint, amblyopia, cataract and glaucoma. She has a special interest in neuro-ophthalmology-especially multiple sclerosis, IIH and cranial nerve palsies. Contact lenses are her another field of interest. Her interests include OCT both for glaucoma & neuro-ophthalmology-clinically as well as research.

Dr. Dhar is a keen academician and has spearheaded many studies in visual fields & OCT both in glaucoma, subluxated lenses & neuro-ophthalmology.

She has presented many papers and has been faculty in many instruction courses. She has to her credit over 100 presentations at both national & international levels – ASCRS, ESCRS, WGA, ARVO & AIOS.

She is a member of AIOS, Glaucoma Society of India, Strabismus & Pediatric Ophthalmology Society of India, Indian Neuro-Ophthalmology Society, KSOS & DOS.

She has several publications in state and international journals and has been guide to thesis of DNB, MS Ophthalmology postgraduate students for 18 years and has mentored several projects of both MBBS undergraduate and BSc Optometry students.