Dr. Balasubramoniam K. R.

Designation :
Clinical Associate Professor
Department :
Centre for Aortic Diseases and Marfan Syndrome, Amrita Advanced Centre for Robotic Surgery, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Heart Transplantation , Lung Transplantation
Email :
Qualification :
MS (General Surgery), MCh (CVTS)

Dr. Balasubramoniam K. R. completed his MBBS in 2001 and MS General Surgery in 2006 from Medical Institute, Trivandrum till 2008. He completed his MCh (CVTS) programme from Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum in 2010 following which he worked as a junior cardiac surgeon in Southern Railway Hospital, Perambur, Chennai till 2011. He then worked as Assistant Professor at the Department of CVTS, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum, till 2014 where he started VATS Program in 2013. He then joined Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences as a Clinical Associate Professor and in charge of Thoracic and Vascular division, Department of CVTS.

He has been instrumental in setting up the Minimally Invasive and Robotic Thoracic Surgery Division in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Amrita. He has been trained in minimally invasive thoracic surgery (VATS) at National University Hospital, Singapore and Cedar Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, USA and Robotic training at the University of Alabama, USA. He has successfully completed more than 300 VATS procedures and more than 100 Robotic Thoracic procedures since inception of the unit. He is an integral part of the Heart and Lung transplant team at Amrita and has been trained at the University of Vienna for Lung transplantation.

His specific areas of interest in Thoracic Surgery include comprehensive lung cancer management, key hole chest surgery ( VATS & Robotics), high risk lung resections and chest wall reconstruction for lung cancer, robotic thymectomy and mediastinal tumour excision, sternal osteomyelitis post cardiac surgery and heart and lung transplantation. His specific areas of interest in Aortic Surgery includes open repair of aortic arch, descending thoracic, thoracoabdominal and infrarenal aortic aneurysms, aortic dissections with Advanced Aortic Surgery training from Cleveland Clinic, USA and endovascular management of aortic disease like TEVAR and EVAR.

His professional achievements include performing the First Robotic Thoracic procedure in Kerala on March 15, 2016. His unit has done 300 major thoracic procedures with 70% of the cases done minimally invasively in 2016 and 2017 which forms the biggest number in the state. He has successfully performed more than 100 robotic thoracic procedures since initiation of the Robotic program. He is a national and international faculty for VATS training programs and has been a training faculty at the prestigious Asian Thoracoscopic Educational Program (ATEP). He has been actively involved in postgraduate training and research specifically in areas of development of large and small diameter vascular graft, indigenous aortic stent grafts and evolving new economical surgical techniques in minimally invasive and Robotic surgery. He has several publications in relevant national and international journals to his credit in addition to numerous talks at various forums and conferences in the state and across the country.

Invited Lectures and Talks at conferences


  • IACTSCON 2018 Feb 1st- 4th 2018, Visakhapatnam – Poster presentation - A Rare case of Pulmonary AV malformation
  • J & J Round table conference, 17th March 2018, Bangalore – Invited Faculty – Standardisation of VATS procedures in India
  • Robotic Surgeons council meet 2018, May 5th- 6th 2018, Mussoorie– Invited speaker – Early Experience of 102 Robotic thoracic procedures
  • 3rd Ethicon VATS workshop 2018, May 19th- 20th 2018, Chennai– Organiser and faculty for All India VATS training programme
  • Uniportal VATS training course 2018, July 14th to 28th, Shanghai, China – Delegate and Speaker - Robotic Thoracic surgery – The Amrita experience
  • Minimally invasive Cardiothoracic conference 2018, 7th- 8th Sep, Bangalore, Robotic Thoracic surgery, Starting a Robotic program and early experiences
  • Lung cancer update – 30th Sep 2018, Indore – Faculty speaker – Mediastinoscopy & Recent advances in Minimally invasive surgery in Lung cancer
  • Amrita Bronchology & Interventional Pulmonology (ABIP) 2018 October 27th- 28th 2018, Kochi - Video assisted Thoracic surgery – A keyhole view into a surgeons world
  • 4th Amrita heart conclave 2018 17th- 18th Nov 2018, Kochi – Organising committee
  • CALS Programme Nov 22nd 2018, Kochi – Organising committee
  • AROICON 2018, Nov 29th- Dec 2nd 2018 Trivandrum – Faculty speaker - Minimally invasive Thoracic surgery for Lung cancer


  • Asian Thoracoscopic Educational Program (ATEP) Perth , Australia Jan 20th – 21st – attended as Faculty
  • Amrita Cadaveric VATS workshop , AIMS , Kochi , Feb 10th – 11th - Organising chairman and faculty
  • Systems Oncology 2017 , Kochi , March 11th – attended as Chair of session – VATS Vs Robotics in thoracic surgery
  • Robotic national conference , Chennai , April 8th – attended as delegate
  • Robotic training CME , Rouen , France , April 13th – 14th , attended as delegate
  • CME – Cochin cardiology club May 10th Invited speaker – VATS applications in Cardiology
  • CME – IMA , Cherthala - 6th June , Invited speaker –Robotics in thoracic surgery
  • IMA State conference , Kolkata , 29th July – Invited speaker – Robotic Thoracic surgery – The Amrita experience
  • Ethicon VATS workshop , Chennai Aug 19th – 20th attended as Faculty in charge
  • CME – IMA , Changanachery - 6th Sep , Invited speaker –Robotics- Applications in thoracic surgery
  • Midterm PULMOCON 2017 , Kollam Oct 8th – Invited speaker - Robotics Vs VATS newer paradigms in Thoracic surgery
  • Royal College of Surgeons , London – International VATS symposium ,London , Oct 20th- 21st – attended as delegate
  • CME – IMA Kozhikode , Oct 26th – Invited speaker – Robotic thoracic surgery – The Amrita experience
  • Asian Thoracoscopic Educational Program (ATEP) Seoul , Korea, Nov 3rd – 4th – attended as Faculty
  • CME – Pulmonology club , Trivandrum , Dec 20th – Invited speaker – VATS Miscellaneous applications in Thoracic surgery


  • Robotic Thoracic Surgeons Meeting in Mumbai
  • Lung Cancer Update -2016, Trivandrum
  • Lung Transplantation Update- Vienna
  • Robotic Thoracic Surgery – Albama- US
  • VASK 2016- Trivandrum


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Research Activity

  • Electrospun small diameter vascular graft development – animal experiments on abdominal aorta in rabbits
  • Pericardial valve development for percutaneous implantation in post intracardiac repair Tetrology patients with Pulmonary regurgitation